3 Types Of Toxic Guys Women Should Never Waste Time On

These types of men will never be worth the effort.

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Dating men can be quite the experience. Online dating and dating apps like Tinder have opened up a whole new venue for women to meet all types of men, including a plethora of guys they really shouldn't date.

With all of this opportunity, the best dating advice I can offer women is that it's critically important not to waste your time chasing men who will never be right for you.

To accomplish that, you need to know which signs are a dead giveaway that any relationships with certain men you meet are guaranteed to go nowhere, and may even be toxic for you.


If your goal is to meet a good man, build a healthy relationship, get married, and have children, there are guys you simply cannot afford to waste your time on.

Keeping this in mind, if you meet any of these three types of guys, consider all signs pointing to nothing but toxic relationships.

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Here are 3 types of guys women shouldn't waste time on:

1. Immature men

This one is tricky because immature men are often charismatic. They’re a lot of fun, and often quite handsome.



The problem is that they like to live in the moment so much that they don’t want any pressure. They want to "see how things go." In other words, they have no plans for the future.


This type of guy wastes women's time. They always have excuses, and they typically seem so close, yet so far.

If a guy seems like he may be too good and too charming to be true, he probably is, and lack of a plans for the future is a dead giveaway that a relationship with him will go nowhere.

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2. Overachievers

You want a hard-working guy, but sometimes, especially when a guy is young, he's so focused on his career and on making money that having any kind of relationship other than hookups isn't likely to be on his radar.

You can tell a man is like this if he’s always busy ... except for when he calls or texts you for the occasional late-night booty call. Once in a while, he might take you on an actual date, but he'll only do the bare minimum to keep you hanging on the line.


I have a lot of busy male clients, career-oriented men. They don’t have a lot of spare time, but they make time when they are truly interested in a woman.

The problem with overachieving men is that they just don’t get how important this is until it’s too late. And perhaps the saddest part is that when do commit and get married, they often don't make time to see their children often enough, and that’s not good for anyone.

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3. Players

This should go without saying, but a man wouldn’t be called a player if he wasn’t playing with anyone.




Women tell me all the time, "I wouldn’t date a player," or, "I don’t date players."

But as much as I hate to say it, that's not how it always plays out in real life.

The reason for this is that players typically don’t advertise themselves as players. They are adept at telling women what they want to hear. However, if you listen closely, you'll hear a common theme in your conversation with these men. They don’t have plans that include you, and they don't have plans for the future.


All of this is good news for you because now you know what signs to listen for.

Notice how I used the word "listen". I didn’t say "look for".

If you want to be with a quality man, listening is the most important part of the deal. What a man says has to sound good to you.

You'll know a man is ready for and interested in having a healthy relationship when he makes an actual plan with you.

For example, he'll say something like, “I'd like to take you out on Friday. I'm thinking we can go to this new sushi restaurant at 8:00 PM. How does that sound to you?”

Or he makes unsolicited declarations, such as, “I’m working on my financial assets so I can have a family and children,” or, “My plan is to get married and have children in the next three years.”


This is how a mature man sounds.

Immature men might be a big hurdle for you because they often look so good. They may be good in bed, but they don't have plans for the future.

Overachievers may seem like good catches because they're career-oriented and focused on making money, but often, they don’t have the heart for healthy relationships or successful marriages. They're more likely to see dating as a game and women as challenges to be won.


Players are the guys women often get involved with by accident. Dating them may start as a late-night hookup when you’ve had too much to drink.

That’s okay, We all need to have fun once in a while.

But, if you want to be on your A-game, these are three types of guys you should never date, because they’ll only waste your time.

And honestly, who wants that?

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James Allen Hanrahan is a dating and relationship coach for women based in Los Angeles. He's also the author of A Life of Love and Dating Advice for Alpha Women.