3 Tiny Ways To Make A Man Crave A Deep Emotional Bond With You

Build a deeper intimacy with your partner.

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How to get someone to like you? Emotional connection.

What makes someone attractive? Emotional connection. Physical appearance plays a critical role in attraction, but emotional attraction is a significant contributor to why a person stays in a relationship.

If you want someone to invest time and energy to pursue a relationship with you, you need to be emotionally attractive.

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Here are 3 tiny ways to make a man crave a deep emotional bond with you:

1. Cultivate mutual respect

Respect them the way you want to be respected with the respect you deserve. You need to learn how to listen eagerly to what they want to say about their view in life, give them the space they need, and be a friend when they need one.

Giving respect is a way of building trust and safety in your relationship.

When someone trusts you, they will open up to you more. They feel secure that their secrets are safe with you; therefore, they feel more protected and develop an emotional connection with you.




2. Open up more

Be comfortable confiding to them. Don’t be afraid to appear vulnerable when you are with them. Express freely what you feel, think, fear, or your secrets.

This will give them space in your life and be a person to help you, give advice, and comfort you.

Accepting their support courteously will be even more comforting on their part. They will also open up more and nurture mutual trust to create a stronger emotional bond.


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3. Be present as often as you can

If you have the chance to see them be around them regularly.

We can learn how to build an emotional connection with a person by using the senses: sight, sound, smell, and touch. We can only use those senses when we are with that person physically.

Here's what you need to know to utilize the senses in attracting them emotionally:

1. Got my eyes on you

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Eye contact is one weapon you can use to build attraction. People tend to like someone who also likes them, and how can you make it obvious without blurting out words? Through eye contact!


Making eye contact has a lot of advantages. Eye contact is the easiest way to let somebody know you notice them or your attention is on them.

It also encourages a person to open up to you more because they find you sincere when you maintain eye contact during your conversation. It is because you are showing them you are interested in them and you are caring.

2. Smell inspires emotion

Certain scents cause one person to be attracted to another. There are also studies about how you can make a person’s body odor identify subconsciously if a person is a potential mate.

Remembering a certain scent is difficult, like identifying what brand of perfume you smell. But scents allow you to remember or recall memories.


Find scents that suit you and wear them every time you see your love interest because you will subconsciously instill a memory in their mind. Even when you are away, if they smell a similar scent to your perfume, that scent will instantly trigger thoughts of you.

That scent will spark emotional memories of you to them.

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3. Get tactile

Touching plays a crucial role in generating attraction in relationships. You can persuade someone by lightly touching them.

Some studies show that when a person asking a favor lightly touches you, you are more likely to act and return the favor to that person.


Touching someone — like hugging or just holding hands — protects you and the other person from stressors. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Touching is the quickest way to build attraction and another way to show a person that you care for them.



4. Sound of your voice

If you are in a long-distance relationship, just met somebody online, or you don’t see that person often, you can still build an emotional connection with someone by using your voice.

Call them instead of sending messages — it's more personal and special. They will think you love listening to their voice and you miss them more.


When a person has an emotional connection to you, they are drawn to your entire being — your mind, spirit, morals, and values. With this, they develop a deeper connection with you and can let their guard down and be vulnerable and true when they are with you.

Now that you know how to be attractive and how to make them want you on an emotional level, you can pursue a deeper and more intimate relationship with the person of your choice.

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