10 Tiny Ways To Compliment A Woman On A First Date (Without Sounding Creepy)

Authenticity is key.

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You are about to have your first date with the girl of your dreams. It took you months to woo her and she finally said yes. So here is the big question: Should you or should you not give her first date compliments to women? The answer is absolutely.

Women like and anticipate compliments from their dates. However, too many compliments make you sound needy. Not enough compliments make you selfish and thoughtless. So what is appropriate? Here's how to compliment a woman on a first date, without overdoing it.


Here are 10 ways to compliment a woman on a first date (without sounding creepy):

1. Make your compliments authentic

If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. Women are very perceptive and intuitive. They will know if your compliment is not coming from the right place, so be authentic

@datingbyblaine A genuine compliment can be an amazing way to start a conversation, but depending on WHAT you compliment, you can sound like a creep… 😳Compliments about her body are almost always creepy, but compliments about her OUTFIT can be weird too if she’s just wearing day-to-day clothing. Like, telling her you love her all-black workout set is cringe.To not be creepy, compliment her on something UNIQUE she’s wearing.Think about it. If she’s very pretty, she hears it 100 times a day, and it doesn’t mean much coming from a random stranger anymore. But if she’s wearing sneakers or a hat that stands out, she’d love to hear you like them! #datingtips #datingadvice #icebreaker ♬ original sound - Dating Coach • Blaine Anderson

2. Compliment effort, not a physical attribute

Notice something unusual or something she put her effort into and compliment that. For example, if she has an unusual ring, or if her hair is done curiously. Women appreciate you noticing little things that many men don’t.


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3. Avoid complimenting beauty in beautiful women

If a woman is exceptionally stunning, she knows it. She has heard it all and she is accustomed to men falling at her feet in awe. So, don’t. Instead, compliment her knowledge of world history or ability to ride a horse. Complements should be earned.

4. Only say each compliment once

Don’t keep carrying on about her smile. You may compliment her on her beautiful smile once, but then let it go. If you dwell on any one feature, you will start to seem fixated. 

5. Compliment non-physical traits

For example, you may compliment her on the way she drives a car through midtown traffic, how she delicately cuts her food, or recites poetry. Pay attention to these little things and give her first date compliments. It will make you look interested and considerate.


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6. Relate to the compliment

If you love traveling, compliment her on how well-traveled she is. If you are into politics, compliment her knowledge of local government affairs. This way you are not only handing out compliments but are highlighting characteristics and interests you have in common.

7. Compliment beauty in a woman who is less than perfect

After all, there is a reason you are physically attracted to her, right? Make sure it is spontaneous and sincere, however. Otherwise, it will seem too forced and too staged.

8. Do not compliment body parts

Unless you’re talking about her eyes, leave specific parts out of the conversation. Saying things like, "Your breasts look great in that tight blouse" will sound sleazy and is an instant turn-off. Don’t say, "These heels make your legs look long." Instead, opt for "You look beautiful in this dress!"


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9. Don’t exaggerate

Is she the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen? Probably not. So don’t say it. Few women will believe it to be sincere, and it will make you sound more desperate than genuine.

10. Don’t overdo it

If you dish out one compliment after another, not only will you make the woman uncomfortable, you will sound less sincere and more desperate.


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Marina Margulis is a matchmaker and dating coach. She has been featured in Good Men Project, DatingAdvice, Scribd, and more.