5 Tiny Signs You're Dating A Really Insecure Man

Insecure relationships can be extremely challenging.

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A relationship should be balanced, but if you're dating an insecure person with low self-esteem, it can prove to be a challenge.

When the person you love is insecure, they will demand more love, support, respect, and security from you. Their low self-esteem requires repeated confirmation of your love. You begin to notice their low self-worth and self-confidence are negatively impacting you.

Insecurity is destructive. An insecure person in a relationship can become excessively jealous and controlling. They become controlling of everything you do because they fear you will abandon them.


Therefore, they don’t trust you or often doubt you.

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Here are 5 tiny signs you're dating a really insecure guy:

1. They always ask for validation

Their insecurities often lead them to ask questions like, "Do you love me?", "Why do you want to be with me?", or "Am I attractive?"

They constantly ask for confirmation you are happy with them and won't leave them. We all want to hear compliments, but because of their insecurities, they always want to hear flattering remarks from you.

2. They want to be with you 24/7

You find it sweet because your special person loves you and can’t live without you. Then, they become obsessed with your attention.


They get upset when you can’t be with them and make you feel guilty when you have to be away from them.

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3. They constantly check your phone and social media

Their eyes are always on your phone, even when you are just reading text messages from your mom. When they hear your phone message notification, they immediately ask who sent you a message. They might demand to check your phone and go through your inbox.

They will monitor your social media accounts and ask about the friends who reacted or commented on your posts. They might ask for the login information of your social media accounts to see if you are being unfaithful.


4. They get jealous when you are with your friends

They don't like when you go out with your friends and will keep texting, calling, or demanding you come home right away.

You might feel special when they treat you this way at first, but if they are always like this to you, you will feel their possessiveness isolating you from friends and family.



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5. Their happiness depends on you

If your partner is insecure, their mood depends on you. They are happy when you show you love and when you are sweet.

On the contrary, they are sad or depressed when you are not giving them attention or if you have not told them you love them.

These behaviors indicate potential insecurity issues. Being with an insecure partner can be difficult, but it does not mean your relationship will fall apart.

It is up to both of you to ensure you give and receive what you want in your relationship without demanding anything.

You and your partner should make each other feel loved, supported, respected, and secure. A healthy relationship should be give and take.


Gaining confidence takes time. Although you are not a professional counselor, you can still help them deal with insecurities by being honest, making them open up to you, and taking control.

The first thing is to let them know their insecurities are causing problems. And they need to acknowledge it and work on it.

Don’t let them manipulate and dictate what you do to continue to please them. Tolerating this behavior to protect their insecurities will make the situation worse.


You also must be supportive of them in dealing with their issues. They might have experienced rejection, which could have been why they didn't open up about their fears and needs. Help them overcome their fears and insecurities by always having an open conversation so they can feel more confident.

Remember, the reason for their insecurities is not because of you. It is not your responsibility to boost their self-esteem. Do whatever you can. If it does not work, do not blame yourself. They might shift the blame to you and reverse the situation so you adjust your behavior according to their needs.

Healthy relationships are balanced. If your partner works on eliminating their fears and recognizes their insecurities, chances are you will have a happy relationship.

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