5 Tiny-But-Powerful Things Women Do That Make Them Awesome Wives

Recognize the ways she is incredible every day.

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She's the one who's been there for you all this time, or she's the one who swept your heart away and will spend every day with you forever. She's the one who is awesome beyond belief, but you have to believe it because it's true.

Here are 5 tiny-but-powerful things women do that make them awesome wives:

1. She is genuinely grateful for everything her partner does.

They recognize their partner's desire to provide and make them happy. Genuine gratitude is almost tangible. People must know in every way that our appreciation for the small and the big things is grounded in our bodies with a solid knowledge of absolute value and importance.


We just don’t think it. We feel it to our core. It’s real. It’s warm and fuzzy. It’s inspiring. Our eyes light up and our whole body smiles with awareness.

Larry Michel, The Love Shepherd

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2. She makes space to love every person.

The capacity to deeply love is the rarest quality on earth unless you own a dog, you know almost every dog is capable of a deep, deep love, unless it has been abused by a human. The capability of a deep, deep love is the only quality required to be a wonderful wife or a wonderful husband, I teach people how to deeply love which means I teach people how to become deeply loved.


Susan Allan, Life Coach and Founder The Marriage Forum Inc.

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3. She's honest and curious.

For effective partnerships, many of the qualities and characteristics are similar, whether for a woman or a man. They include self-knowledge, willingness to learn, sense of humor, commitment to fairly share financial and maintenance responsibilities, effective communication skills, similar values, and interest in one another's growth and welfare.


Of course, many of these characteristics are aspirational. They require collaboration, time, and honesty with one another, along with creating opportunities to develop together.

Ruth Schimel, Ph.D., life and career consultant, author

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4. She makes time for everyone.

One of the things lacking most in this modern world is time. Because we lack time, for some crazy reason, what goes to the bottom of the priority list is relationships.


We willingly give our time to work and to children and hobbies, but we often take our relationships for granted and don’t give them the time they deserve.

Mitzi Bockmann, Life Coach

5. She says, 'go have fun' and means it.

Be honest. How many times have you told your husband that it's OK for him to go out and do something outside of the household, but secretly been resentful that they were doing so?

When my kids, who were born 20 months apart, were very young, my husband decided to set a goal of running the New York Marathon. An admirable goal and one that required a lot of effort. And a lot of training.

As a result, not only did he work long hours, but he also spent a lot of time running. Specifically, not at home with me and the kids but running. And I was not happy.


While I did tell him how I felt, I didn’t tell him the extent of it. I didn’t want to be unsupportive so I quietly simmered with resentment. As a result, our marriage suffered in a big way.

I wish I had been able to embrace the things he wanted to do instead of feeling resentment for them. I wish I had been able to honestly say, "Go have fun," and be happy he was doing whatever he was doing.


— Mitzi Bockmann, Life Coach

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Taken one by one as isolated actions or words, none of these tiny things seem like a significant factor in a thriving relationship. Yet, the daily expression of these loving actions adds up to one incredibly awesome person who is on your side, has your back, and is proving it every day in every way. Go, recognize her in return!

Will Curtis is a writer and editor for YourTango. He's been featured on the Good Men Project and taught English abroad for ten years.