15 Tiny Little Things That Make Women Fall Head Over Heels In Love

Doing these little things will get any woman to notice you.

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If you're a guy who's wondering how to get a girlfriend or make someone fall in love with you, you're certainly not alone. Let’s face it, falling in love feels amazing. Often, the mix of excitement, anticipation, and love cannot be easily placed into words. One of the only things we can all agree on is how amazing new love feels.

Falling in love is different for each person, including both partners in a relationship. Partners may have different reasons for falling in love with the other partner, and typically, partners usually fall in love at different times during their relationship.


Women, just like men, have different tastes in personality traits and other characteristics when it comes to what makes them fall in love. But, unlike the men I work with regarding issues of love and life, the reasons women fall in love are often very simple.

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Here are 15 little things you probably had no idea make women fall head over heels in love:

1. Honesty

Women typically fall for men that can be transparent. Women have a difficult time when they cannot trust what a man says, making it nearly impossible to trust him with something as important as her feelings.


2. Trustworthy

It's difficult for a woman to fall in love with a man she is unable to trust.

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3. Attentive

Women love men who can be a good listener or sounding board. We do not necessarily want you to solve our problems or give us advice, but, provide a willing ear.

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4. Caring

Show her that you care. Sure telling a woman you love her feels great but showing your love through both words and action feels even better.

5. Family-minded

Most women look at the way a man loves and treats his family as a way to determine his ability to love her. If a man is thoughtful and loving, then a woman is more likely to fall in love with him.

6. Present

No one likes someone who seems to always be absent when they need them or has an excuse for why they can’t or didn’t show up.

7. Positive

Women typically fall for a man who has an easy-going personality, someone who has a good attitude. It's hard to fall in love with a man that has a bad attitude or a man that we cannot communicate with.


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8. Humorous

Women love it when a man can laugh at himself sometimes and not take the everyday challenges of life too seriously.

9. Vulnerable

We love it when a man can show both his tough and soft side, his ability to be open about his feelings and challenges is very attractive. It is amazing when a man can openly and honestly talk about his feelings with us.



10. Optimistic

Women love a man who can turn a lemon into lemonade, cheering them up when they aren’t feeling so good. The ability to help us reframe a negative situation and see both the positives and the negatives is invaluable.


11. Considerate

Women love it when a man considers their feelings when planning, doing, or hanging out with others, it conveys empathy and a willingness to avoid hurting us.

12. Affectionate

There is nothing like a deep enveloping embrace. Not the one-armed hug that can be given to anyone, but deep hugs that convey a desire to be connected with a woman.

13. Capable

Too often planning or coordinating an event or an outing will fall in the lap of a woman, however, we appreciate when a man can take charge sometimes and we can leave the planning to him.


14. Skilled (in the bedroom)

When a man knows where to touch us, how to touch us, and knows our body better than we do this is a huge turn-on.

15. Mindful of the difference between intimacy and being intimate

Women appreciate when a man can caress and kiss her without always wanting or assuming intimacy will follow. Having healthy intimacy in a relationship shows that being intimate does not always have to be present to enjoy a woman.

Men, getting a woman to fall in love with you is more about being yourself, being consistent, showing up, and displaying positive qualities than any kind of gimmick. As long as you make sure that you are trustworthy, compassionate, and you are being a kind human being, a woman will have no choice but to fall for you.

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Dr. Tarra Bates-Duford is a psychologist who focuses on relationships, dating, and personality issues, as well as a Certified Relationship Specialist with Diplomate Status, and an expert with the American Psychotherapy Association.