5 Little Things Women Notice About Men Right Away

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

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The question of how to get a girl to like you and attract women naturally is one some men answer more easily than others. Some can get a phone number with little more than a smile; others can only get a phone number when they pretend to work for the US Census Bureau. But luckily, this unfairness is one that can be remedied.

The truth is anyone can learn how to attract women naturally. Women aren't innately against you, even if you feel as if you're more likely to win Power Ball than you are to get a woman to give you the time of day. Many women want you to approach them as much as you want to do the approaching. They're simply waiting for you to make the first move.


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Of course, you'll get rejected — every guy does. Men who say they have never been rejected by a woman may as well grab a fire extinguisher: they are liars and their pants must be at least smoldering. Rejection happens to be a part of the dating game, but it is a part that can be minimized.


The one upside to rejection is it usually happens quickly: in bars, in clubs, at your cousin Muriel's third wedding; most women will reject you right away if they are not interested. As you approach them and try to instigate conversation, they'll make an excuse to leave. They'll say they need to find their friends or visit the ladies' room. Or they'll flat-out say they are not interested. It's painful, but at least it's quick.

If you want to get a chance to let her see your charm, hear your compliments, and find out how great you are, you need to consider your first impression.

A first impression is something that happens immediately: people judge others the instant they see them. In other words, you must impress in ten seconds or less.

So, how do you do this? Aside from walking in with your distinguished resume, your college diploma, and the MVP award you won in eighth-grade basketball all taped to your chest, it can be difficult to convey what you can offer in such a short amount of time. Thus, you work with what you can.


You do this by knowing the things women notice about men the moment their eyes meet yours.

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Here are 5 little things women notice about men right away:

1. How you dress

For men wondering how to attract women, the manner in which you dress is highly important. Being too overdressed — wearing a suit to a bar, for instance — can make you come across as over-eager and trying too hard. Underdressing for the occasion, or having a sloppy appearance, on the other hand, paints you as immature and lazy. It doesn't take a lot of money or time, and you can start by taking a quick look in the mirror before you head out.

2. Your level of attractiveness

Of all the things women notice about men, they will also pay attention to how attractive you are (hey, you notice it about them, it's only fair). Some women will put much more credence into looks than others will, but most need to be attracted to you on some level before any interest takes root.


The number one thing you can do to improve your attractiveness is to smile: people are always more attracted to those with a grin on their face than those who look miserable.

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3. Your level of confidence

Another of the things women notice about men is how confident they are. However, there is a fine line. There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. So, walk proudly with your head held high, but don't stop in front of the mirror and throw yourself a kiss as you do.

4. How well you take care of yourself

Anyone who has ever set foot in a frat house probably knows some groups of men are less hygienic than social norms would prefer. Your hygiene might not always be important to you, but it is to the women you're courting. People will notice if you've shaved, trimmed your nails, and worn deodorant. They'll also notice if you think Axe Body Spray is a substitution for showering. Guys, we know you can get caught up in life and forget to do a sniff test, so a quick shower before heading out is a simple solution here.


5. Whether or not you're a misogynist

Women can tell whether or not you're a misogynist pretty quickly since they've grown up in a society that prioritizes the needs of men. So, if you swagger up to her in the bar with a line-up of your "bros" cheering you on and high-fiving each other, chances are good she will stop you in your tracks with a big "nope" and send you back to the high fiving bros to most likely blame her for you and your friends' bravado.

Gaining the interest of a woman is not as difficult as guys make it in their minds. The dating world gets a lot more friendly when you remember women are human beings who want the same kind of respect you expect. Get out there and show up as your authentic self, while remembering we all are looking for similar things in a love partner.

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Michael Griswold is a relationship and life coach who uses his expertise to help men and women heal broken hearts and find love again.