5 Things Men Notice Immediately About A Woman's Hands On The First Date

What your hands can reveal about your love life.

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One of the most interesting aspects of dating and beginning a new relationship is learning everything you can about your new love and sharing intimate details about yourself with them. And while you may not realize it, if a guy knows what to look for, your hands silently give away little secrets about your innermost personality traits, personal character, and innate nature. Even if he's not an expert at palm reading, there are many details a woman's hands reveal to a man about who she is as a person.


He might not even be aware that he's picking up on these clues you're unconsciously sending, but that doesn't mean his brain and heart aren't taking careful notes! So even if you're positive the man you're dating has no idea how to read palms, you should be aware that there are several things your hands might give away about your personality, mindset, ambitions, and more before you even get past the first date. And, of course, now that you know that, you’ll want to make sure your hands give the best, most accurate first impression possible. Here are some things men notice about a woman’s hands on a first date, and what his unconscious palm reading reveals about your dominant personality traits and who you are.


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Here are 5 things men notice immediately about a woman's hands on the first date:

1. Your jewelry

One of the biggest factors about a woman’s hands is, of course, whether she’s sporting jewelry and, if so, what it could mean. First and foremost is the big question: “Is she wearing a wedding ring?” While this suggests to other men that you’re married and aren’t open to their advances, there are, unfortunately, some men this still won’t affect, regardless. The type and amount of jewelry a woman wears can also give away clues to her personality. Are her rings and bracelets big and bold? Are there a lot of them? Are they gold, silver, or perhaps a simple metal? These things can tell a man whether you’re flashy, demure, or in some cases, the culture or background you come from, depending on the style of the jewelry you're wearing.



2. Your strength

When a man first takes your hand in his, you both make a silent appraisal of one another. And while you notice whether or not he shakes too firmly or too limply, he pays attention to the strength of your grasp, too. While women generally have a much smaller hand size than men, this also means they have less strength. Still, your grip can determine if you’ve got energy and determination, or perhaps whether or not you’re a bit lazy.


If your handshake is too firm, you may come across as masculine; too weak, and you’ll appear to have a lack of energy. The right amount of strength in your grip should be firm, but not crushing. This will tell him that you’re a comfortable and determined woman who’s willing to push through any challenges that come your way but that you're not trying to crush his hand in yours.

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3. Your femininity

There’s a famous episode of Seinfeld in which Jerry likes a woman but can’t get over her “man hands,” which are all he can see while they're out on a romantic date together. In reality, there is nothing wrong with having this type of hands. It's a beneficial trait filled with many positive aspects about your personality. In palm reading, this shape would be represented by an “Earth” hand.



It may mean you have larger-than-average hands with thick fingers and short fingernails. It’s a less common hand shape for women to have, but it represents stability, dependability, hard work, and quiet fortitude, which are incredible traits to have and show off. It’s also a perfect match for a man with “Water” hands, so if you happen to notice this about each other, you’re likely highly compatible and will help ground each other well.


4. Your fingernails

Granted, most men will only pay attention to your fingernails if there’s something special going on, like if they’re long and well-manicured or short and bitten down. Surprisingly, if your nails are extremely short because you’re a nervous nail-biter, it could suggest to a man that you’re overly critical. Long nails, on the other hand, might mean that you are intuitive, as they are growing from the upper portion of your fingers where, in palmistry, your “mental” realm is situated. It could also show that you have a dislike of manual labor, but this is usually only the case if you also have a weak grip.

Some women simply like long nails or they grow fast, and some women prefer their nails shorter. It's a matter of preference, but the care you put into them can make a difference. Nail polish can make an impression on someone and showcase your style. A woman who takes the time to polish her nails wants to make a good first impression and be seen positively by others. Like jewelry, your nails can tell a lot about your personality, especially if your nails are often “over the top” with fancy decorations and lots of pizazz. Plain and well-taken care of nails suggest you have a good grasp of your own needs and wants and are most likely well-organized and neat. Alternatively, if your nails are jagged, crooked, or broken, this might mean you’re a daydreamer or someone stuck with their head in the clouds or perhaps a bit messy.

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5. Your age

Surprisingly, the back of your hand can tell a story to a man all on its own. Whereas to a palm reader, the back of a hand suggests someone’s “true age,” it can reveal several things to a potential lover as well. The "state" of your hand can let someone know a lot about you and yes, can indicate how old you are, as well. Is there hair on the back of your hands? Is it thin or thick? Are there age spots? Is the skin well tended and soft, or dry, or perhaps cracked? People who have smooth, elastic skin here are often young and vibrant, while people with various marks or spots may show their age faster. And how well you take care of your hands can show your attention to detail. Scratches and cuts suggest that you work with your hands or perhaps that you have pets you play with.


A woman with thicker hair here can be a sign of more dominant masculine energy, which means that she’s going to show more outgoing traits than someone with very fine hair or none at all. Your hands hold many secrets when it comes to who you are and the things that are important to you. This quick hand and palm reading guide highlights just a few of the things that a man might pay attention to when he sees you for the first time. They reveal things that are important to you and aspects of who you are that you might not even realize. What story do your hands tell?

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Cynthia Clark is a certified palm reading consultant and relationship expert, as well as the author of Stories in Your Hands.