Thank You For Loving The Parts Of Me That Weren't So Pretty

Thank you for not just making me your star, but for making me your whole damn sky.

Last updated on Jun 03, 2023

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I honestly don’t know what it was about you that made you different from all the previous guys I’ve dated. After my past relationships that failed, severe trust issues developed inside myself and were essentially part of my bones.

Trying to get to know me on a personal, emotional, and vulnerable level was like trying to break into Fort Knox — it just was not happening.

You were fundamentally not what I expected. You had a textbook resumé, like most men tend to have. Good looking, ambitious, funny, open, honest, and you treated me very, very well.


But that’s not what makes you distinctive from the rest, is it?

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I made you jump through hoops to see what you were made of. To see if you were someone I could rely on. To essentially see if you were up to the challenge and enigma that was me. You were persistent and hilariously clever, I might add, to capture and then even keep my attention.


I believe that people get into relationships because they have a certain kind of electric chemistry emotionally and psychically. We had that.

There were times when we would finish each other’s sentences and you would be able to explain how I was feeling before I even had it figured out. You knew exactly what to say to make me laugh hysterically.

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, which got us in trouble on a few occasions in public places — but I loved every minute of it.

You knew when it was time to listen if I had something to vent about. You knew when I was feeling really down about something and would bring me flowers with my favorite complicated Starbucks latte.


When I was sick you would bring me soup and insist on spoon-feeding me, which was ridiculous, because you were the one that ended up spilling, because you couldn’t stop laughing at my stuffed up sick voice.

You knew I loved your cologne and your scent so much you wore your favorite sweater for a day or so, then gave it to me to have as my cuddle buddy for the night when work prevented you from being there.

You had everything going for you and you still put me first among the other things. I was important to you, I mattered — and so did my feelings.

It may not always seem like I appreciate all the subtle things that you did for me, but you have no idea how much they actually mean to me.


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Here are the things no other guy has done for me but I am so thankful that you do:

Thank you for taking me on drives in the middle of the night when I had a bad dream, no matter how late it was or how bizarre that dream was.

Thank you for scolding me in a caring way when I was doing something that was potentially unwise and not pushing me to talk about something I wasn’t ready to share.

Thank you for letting me wake you up in the middle of the night to help me look for my cat in the rain because you knew I couldn’t sleep unless I found him.


Thank you for coming to every funeral I attended because a family member had just passed away.

Thank you for being patient and running errands with me, no matter how tedious.

Thank you for accepting the fact that I have anxiety and with that comes a lot of baggage, baggage that you were willing to carry and share.

Thank you for always making sure I got home safe from the bar or party at night despite you having to work the next day.

Thank you for driving to my house after an argument on the phone and forcing a bear hug on me until I stopped crying and relaxed, letting me know nothing had changed and everything was okay.


Thank you for not being a coward, and earnestly and truly being there for me when I was going through one of the darkest parts of my life when I forgot to love myself, but ironically you did not.

Thank you for always being consistent, for always telling me the truth, for never invading my privacy, and for being the man any woman would be lucky to have.

Most of all, thank you for not just making me your star, but for making me your whole damn sky.

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