3 Surprisingly Simple Things That Make Him Commit Forever

Let him know you want him there for the long haul.

Last updated on Apr 14, 2023

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Do you ever wonder what makes a man want a lifelong commitment?

Is it how attractive his partner is? How much of a freak she is in the bedroom? Or is it something else entirely?

Of course, every man is different and some have commitment issues.

But part of learning how to get a guy to like you involves doing these three things, especially if you want to be with him in the long haul.

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Here are three surprisingly simple things that make him commit forever:

1. Avoiding telling him about your past

You tell yourself so many stories about the past, present, and future. What's been done to you and what you've done to others? It doesn't matter in the current context, does it?


One very attractive quality in a woman is when she can totally let go of all the stories she tells herself and just live in the present moment.

When she isn’t dredging up the past or trying to force the future to look a certain way, but can actually be there with her guy and enjoy their time together, it’s a very attractive thing. When a woman can enjoy the present, she takes on a whole new radiant quality that is extremely attractive to the man in her life.

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2. Accepting him for who he is

No one is perfect, and that probably includes your guy. It's a major turn-off and point of frustration when a woman tries to change her man either subtly or not-so-subtly.


It almost feels as if she doesn’t really accept him for who he is and that she’d rather be in a relationship with someone else. And if a guy gets that feeling for too long, he’ll save you the effort and just leave so that you have room in your life for that perfect man you wish he was.

Instead, being emotionally okay with a man without having to change him is incredibly sexy. If you want him, then accept him for who he is, no matter what. If you can’t do that or if you don’t like him exactly as he is, it’s time to break it off and save yourself from living in a constant state of disappointment and frustration.

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3. Being vulnerable and open with him

When women don't do this, they just “go with the flow” or agree with everything he says or does. This seems like it would be a good idea and it seems like it would get you a smooth and problem-free relationship. However, that isn’t true because, unless he is extremely insecure, your guy probably doesn’t just want to date a "bobblehead girl" who will only agree with everything he says.


He wants a woman who is open and sharing how she actually feels at any given moment. Maybe she’s afraid, anxious, or sad. That’s all fine. Really it is. Having the vulnerability to admit that is a very attractive quality.

Women will choke off their feelings and posture. They may pretend or act as if they are not impacted by the world around them. This often takes the form of the controlling my way-or-the-highway attitude.

This obviously isn’t very attractive, and neither is it how to get a guy to like you. The reason why is that your man doesn’t get a sense of the woman you really are underneath your armor. He wants to know you. And by putting on this act, you’re making it that much harder for him to do that.


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Clay Andrews is a relationship coach and founder of Attract the One. He specializes in helping people repair, save and build relationships.