The Spiritual Habit That Keeps Couples Energetically-Connected (And Happy!) For Life

Once you understand the connection, you'll never want to part.

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To be fully engaged in life, we must become aware of the extraordinary connection between our mental, physical, and spiritual beings.

Everything we do relies on neurons communicating with one another, electrical impulses and chemical signals carrying messages across different parts of the brain as well as between the brain and the rest of the nervous system.

The body and mind work together to heighten all our experiences, including our love and sex lives, but it is the good vibrations of our synchronized energy exchange that keeps us together for a lifetime. 


Happy couples practice habits that grow their brain cells and their spirituality collectedly. These practices can be a daily wellness ritual or a form of spiritual foreplay.

Either way, it can elevate a boring relationship into an enriched one.   

One way to build a stronger spiritual connection is to synchronize your seven chakras.

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The seven chakras begin at the tailbone and move up the body along the spine. They help control and maintain our well-being, with each one dedicated to a specific area of our conscious lives.


Understanding them can heighten our intimate experience, by making us feel more connected to each other and the Universe.

Couples who share this spiritual habit claim they are so in sync that they can practically read each other’s minds. 

Let’s explore each of the chakras — along with techniques for couples to experience freeing energy with the mind-body connection.

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How the seven chakras affect our spiritual connections — and how to strengthen them

1. Root Chakra (Red)

This chakra is in the base of the spine and coccygeal area that supports the anus. 

Much like a root anchors a tree in the physical world, our emotional core keeps our mental world grounded. When our Root Chakra is open it gives us a sense of security, of being in control of our life and our destiny.


When our Root Chakra is blocked, we may feel insecure, guilty, or ashamed and have a sense of not belonging.

Root Chakra couples technique

Sit opposite your partner with legs crossed at the ankles, hold hands, and look at each other as you tell each other what makes you feel safe and confident, at this moment.

Put your hand on your Root Chakra. Face your partner and finish this sentence “I feel secure when you ...”

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2. Sacral Chakra (Orange)

Located in the ovaries and testes that produce various sex hormones, this Chakra is connected to our reproductive capacity and sexual desire. 


When our Sacral Chakra is open, we feel creative, free of guilt or shame, and emotionally and sexually fulfilled with a sense of abundance. When the Sacral Chakra is blocked, it can result in feelings of frustration, especially in relationships, lack of sexual energy or desire, and blocked creativity.

Sacral Chakra couples technique

Sit opposite your partner with legs crossed at the ankles, lean in, hold hands, and look at each other. Take turns speaking and listening as you share the following: When do you feel creative, sexually open, and uninhibited? 

Put your hand on your Sacral Chakra and tell your partner what they can do to make you feel desired. 

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3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

Located in the upper abdomen in the stomach area, this Chakra is related to the digestive system and is also known as our “Seat of Emotions.” It is our energy center for power, which includes anger and laughter. 

When our Solar Plexus Chakra is open, we feel powerful, confident, and self-assured, like we have control of our lives. When it is blocked, we feel insecure and introverted, which often leads to anxiety and depression. 

Solar Plexus Chakra couples technique

Practice forgiveness. The word "forgive" literally means "to give up," "to give away." Forgiveness is a form of unburdening, removing emotional clutter that can keep you blocked from experiencing giving and receiving love.

You can start a weekly forgiveness ritual by forgiving yourself for things you did that you wish you hadn’t done. If you are in a relationship, you can write a forgiveness letter by letting your partner know what he or she did to hurt you.


You can even forgive someone silently by saying, “I forgive you for what you have done to me knowingly or unknowingly to hurt me.” 

Share your personal power with your partner by letting them know your strengths and your weaknesses.

Then work together to help each other transform their weaknesses into strengths. 

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4. Heart Chakra (Green)

Located in the center of the chest and just above the heart, this energy center is related to the immune system as well as being part of the endocrine system. Key issues involving the Heart Chakra involve compassion, love, and spirituality. 

When your Heart Chakra is open, you love yourself and others without judgment. You are compassionate and feel balanced. When your Heart Chakra is blocked, you feel unable to give and receive love; you lack peace of mind and find it hard to trust anyone.


Heart Chakra couples technique 

Become your Heart Chakra and express to your partner how you want to be loved. Ask your partner to tell you how they want you to love them back. 

Place your prominent hand on each other’s heart, close your eyes and tune into your partner’s heartbeat.

Breathe in and out in a slow steady rhythm together and feel the connection between your life force energies expand your heart to let more love into your life.

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5. Throat Chakra (Sky Blue)

The Throat Chakra is in the neck, throat and thyroid gland responsible for our body’s metabolism. This energy center influences our communication and how we express ourselves so that we are heard the way we want to be perceived. 


When your Throat Chakra is open, you can express yourself honestly and creatively so that people hear and understand what you have to say. You are also good at listening and can give constructive advice.

When your Throat Chakra is blocked, you feel insecure about communicating your thoughts for fear of rejection, or fear that people may misunderstand what you say and have a negative perception of you.

Throat Chakra couples technique

Put your hand on your Throat Chakra and tell your partner how you feel about your relationship: what is perfect and what would you like to improve.

Begin a fantasy that you would like to explore and then stop at a certain point, letting your partner continue, go back and forth for as long as you can sharing this fantasy until it has a happy ending. 


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6. Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)

Located in the center of the forehead in between the eyes and linked to the pineal gland that regulates our sleep and waking up, this energy center is connected to our intuition, imagination, and ability to think and make decisions. 

When our Third Eye Chakra is open, we feel intuitive and can visualize what we want, then execute and reach our goals successfully.

When our Third Eye Chakra is blocked, it’s hard to imagine anything going right or to follow through on projects, and life can be confusing with lots of conflicts.

Duo Third Eye Chakra technique

Face your partner, put your hand on your Third Eye Chakra and finish this sentence: “You don’t know I ...”


Then it’s your partner’s turn to do the same. Be sure to thank each other for sharing.  

Share a time when you listened to your intuition, and it worked and name a time you didn't follow your intuition and you wish that you had. 

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7. Crown Chakra (Deep Violet)

Located at the crown of the head, the Crown Chakra is the chakra of pure consciousness and wisdom. It is attached to the central nervous system via the hypothalamus. 

When your Crown Chakra is open, you feel like you have found your mission in life, you have taken the right path, and that your journey will make a significant impact on the world.

When your Crown Chakra is blocked, you question your knowledge and fear the unknown. You are skeptical.

Your life’s mission is unclear, and your personal growth is stunted.

Duo Crown Chakra technique

Put your hand on your Crown Chakra and tell your partner where you would like to see your relationship in the future (1-5 years) time.


Share what you can do together to feel spiritually alive and connected. 

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How to affirm your stronger spiritual connection

You can choose to explore one chakra at a time, one for each day of the week, or focus on the chakra that you want to open.

Once you begin, you will notice the harmony between the physical body, mind, and spirit. 

These techniques will enhance your intimate communication skills, especially as you share your feelings when your chakras are open.

For example, say to each other:

  • “My Heart Chakra feels open when you give me an appreciative compliment.”  
  • “My Solar Plexus Chakra feels open when you share your feelings with me.” 
  • “My Sacral Chakra feels open when you give me a sensual massage.”  
  • “My Root Chakra feels open when you buy me gifts for no special reason.” 
  • “My Throat Chakra feels open when you listen to me.” 
  • “My Third-eye Chakra feels open when you we explore new places together.” 
  • “My Crown Chakra feels open when we talk about our future plans together.”

This is a powerful way to talk openly about your feelings, be positive and grateful about what you have and practice emotional intimacy so that it becomes a healthy habit. 


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Dr. Ava Cadell is an author, clinical sexologist, sex counselor, and founder of Loveology University. Her mission is to empower people to overcome sexual guilt and shame so they can enjoy the benefits of healthy, sexual relationships.