The 3 Soulmates You'll Meet In Your Lifetime (And The Purpose Of Each)

These 3 types of soulmates will help you along your journey in life.

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By Emilia Gordon

Nothing happens by chance! Every meeting is predestined.

Everything that happens in this world has a meaning. The people we meet and the things we do are all meant for a greater purpose in life. Both pleasant and unpleasant experiences we go through are destined. So are the people we meet.

Our universe is more than just a rainbow. It has colors, seen and unseen. The shades are light, dark, consistent, inconsistent, volatile, permanent, or temporary…they can be anything. That’s how they fill the palate of our lives and make each one of us, a unique being with a unique story to tell.


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In this magical journey of life, we come across people who change us, who stay with us throughout our journey or leave us, or perhaps just simply take some moments of our lives. It’s not possible to fathom the purpose of such encounters but whatever happens, that’s for the wellbeing of everyone else.

It’s important that we leave our doors open and let the souls come in because synchronicity is an integral part of our lives. Our interactions with them shape our emotions and experiences. They happen for a reason. Some encounters might hurt us but that hurt is a temporary pain; it might occur to delay something extremely positive or to save us from unfortunate incidents.


It’s not necessary that all the people we come across should have a strong and lasting impact. The significance of souls in our lives is not measured by impacts. All the people we meet are significant no matter how little we have spent time with them.

It’s truly enchanting to think about recognizing these souls. We can’t know our destiny but understanding the types of souls we come across can guide us in realizing the true meaning of our lives. In the contours of our journey, we come across 3 types of soulmates, all significant in their own ways who come with a purpose and make us the human beings we were destined to be.

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Here are the 3 soulmates you'll meet in your lifetime — and the purpose of each:

1. The ones who get us back to our destined flow of life

These are souls who come into our lives to be there with us forever or at least for a long period of time. Twin flames or soulmates belong to this category. There might be others too but what’s common in them is they are souls with whom we had prior connections. We have agreed to meet them at a particular time and place in our lives before we were born.

They play the role of getting us back to the flow of our lives, of waking us up to the call of the universe. The moment we meet them, we can immediately recognize their vibration because these souls vibrate at the same frequency as us. They do not disrupt the flow of our current state but rather, they come into our lives to make the transition a very smooth one and less painful.

As young children, we dream of so many things but adulthood changes them and we succumb to the horror of being disillusioned. Our promises are broken, and our trusts are betrayed. That’s when these souls come to help us learn the path we need to take.

They are there with us and are responsible for our awakening.


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2. The ones who remind us of our identities

Do you still pick up the violin you used to play as a child, pick up a chord, and still dream of becoming a musician before going to bed, tired after a hard day at the office? Not all of us are brave enough to be the adults we always wanted to be. Some of us leave our childhood in memories and dreams. That’s why some souls come into our lives to remind us of our identities which define us.

But here’s the bitter part of it. Interactions with these souls might not be always joyous. Sometimes, we need a storm to create fertile land. Things might be bitter with them but we need to understand that it’s for a greater purpose. They help us bring out our true selves and realize our true identities.

3. The ones who have some space in our lives

These souls might be strangers we meet in the library, on a bus, at a movie theatre, on a flight, or anywhere. We converse with them, share a part of our lives with them, and then leave often without even taking the effort to stay connected. We don’t know much about these souls. But they are there, to fill up our blank spaces, to help us experience things, no matter how small they might be.


Our life is a magical unpredictable journey. We do not know who will we meet. But we need to have faith in the universe because everything comes with a purpose and whatever that is, it’s for the greater good.

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Emilia Gordon is a writer and a frequent contributor to the Mind's Journal who writes about social activism, traveling, and lifestyle topics.