26 Signs You're An Incredibly Compatible Couple

If you do everything on this list, you're pretty much killing the whole relationship thing.

Last updated on Nov 26, 2023

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People are like puzzle pieces. You search and search for the right ones. You pick up a few that don't fit and frustratedly place them back in the pile. A few fall on the floor, and you seemingly lose them forever at that point. A few feel absolutely impossible to find.

But sometimes, a piece just fits. You don't have to rotate it around. You don't have to force it into the space. It just falls into place seamlessly. Sometimes, relationships are like that, too. Sometimes, you just fit, and it's incredibly clear that you are supposed to be that way.


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Here are 26 signs you're an incredibly compatible couple:

1. Your personalities complement each other well

And you bring out the brightest, most comfortable versions of each other.

2. You appreciate and are genuinely interested in each other's passions

3. You get along simply as friends, naturally and easily

Even when you do disagree, it's clear that you're working towards the same goal: each other's happiness.

4. You can just talk and be entertained and content with your own playful banter

5. You have similar values and beliefs that you both stand by



6. You enjoy the same things

And you introduce each other to new interests and hobbies.


7. Your views don't conflict on major issues

But you are open to discussing the opinions that matter to each of you.

8. You each make the other person laugh without trying

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9. You don't have anything that's worth being mad at each other about for longer than an hour

If that.

10. You trust each other

Even at the core of your insecurities, you know your partner is the person you can depend on.



11. You have no desire to hold each other back or control one another

12. You function well as a team

And also as two individuals with unique talents and interests.


13. You each have your own goals and involvements

And you always support one another.

14. You fit right into each other's families and friends

15. You make each other feel confident, attractive, independent and proud

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16. You don't need much to have a blast together

Sometimes it's downright comical how much fun you have doing simple activities.

17. You like the little things about each other

18. You try new adventures together

19. You're flexible with each other

20. You're open to compromise



21. You work through the adversity of time, distance, and changing circumstances with baby steps and diligent patience

22. You don't have hidden or unaddressed issues

You lay it all out on the table because, for better or for worse, you let your partner see all sides of who you are with confidence and security.


23. You listen to each other

24. You openly admit fault

25. You don't understand some of the issues other couples have

26. You appreciate each other through it all

Because you know that no matter what you face together, you're supposed to be together. You rock at being best friends, which makes you an unstoppable couple. Go give each other a high five or a fist bump, because you're pretty much killing this whole relationship thing.

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