Make These 4 Simple Shifts For A Happier Relationship

The key to relationship success isn't all that complicated.

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Let's be real, everyone dreams of living happily ever after. But to get there, we need to find peace and happiness within our relationships first. So, how do we achieve that?

Therapist Jeff Guenther shares four key changes you need to make in your relationship if you want it to last.



4 Shifts You Can Do To Make Your Relationship Happier, According To A Therapist

1. Do not expect you in your partner.

Listen, your partner isn't like you. They aren't going to handle or react to situations like you do. Or they may not have the same interests as you do.


"Embrace the differences," says Guenther, "It's liberating." Understand that you can have these differences and still adore your partner, writes licensed counselor Leslie Jay.

Make sure to communicate any concerns you may have with your partner. Sit down and discuss how you can work together despite your differences.

Jay also suggests, "A great way to embrace differences in a relationship is to keep in mind that the goal can simply be to learn about yourself by learning about someone else.”

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2. When your partner asks for love, respond by giving them even more than they asked for.

We all have those moments when our partners come to us seeking love. They'll say, "I feel needy and I miss you."


Likely, you'll offer a hug and kiss to meet their needs. However, we need to go beyond that. Guenther says, that when your partner comes to you like this, respond by giving them even more love than they asked for.

Going the extra mile will help your partner feel both appreciated and loved. Moreover, your partner will begin to feel comfortable expressing their vulnerability to you.



3. Never stop flirting with and wooing them.

When was the last time you flirted with your partner? Have you done anything spontaneous with your partner lately?


After being together for a while, it's easy to lose some of that spark. We get comfortable and stop doing the things that made our partner fall for us in the first place.

But it's important to understand that these small actions have huge effects in the grand scheme of things.

According to Sarah Hunter Murray, Brandi Frisby's research shows that flirting increases self-confidence within a relationship. Participants also stated that flirting helped maintain intimacy and reduced tensions.

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4. Always put your sweetie before your phone.

In the age of tech, it's tempting to get lost in apps like TikTok or YouTube. But these very distractions can make your partner feel ignored or unloved.


According to Forever Families, “Research shows that cell phones interrupt face-to-face interactions (FTFI) in relationships and can make conversations less meaningful.”

This impact results in your partner lashing out at you. To prevent this from happening, always communicate with your spouse.

Forever Families writes that research shows that there's less stress and more mental resilience in relationships with open communication.




If you want a healthy relationship, you must build a strong foundation. By keeping the spark alive, prioritizing our partner, and embracing our differences, our relationship not only thrives but grows into something lasting and meaningful.

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Marielisa Reyes is a writer with a bachelor's degree in psychology who covers self-help, relationships, career, and family topics.