The 15 Signs A Guy Gives When He Wants You To Notice Him

In case you can't tell already, these are the signs he wants to talk to you

Last updated on Oct 12, 2022

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Guys can be difficult to read. Even if he really has an interest in you, he’ll probably be careful to only send you subtle signs he wants you to notice him

Unfortunately, because the signs are very likely to be subtle, this can make them easy to miss or even misinterpret.

From a guy's perspective, there are a few telltale signs that a guy is trying to get you to notice him and wants attention from you — bad. 


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Here is a list of signs he wants you to notice him — and give him your attention:

1. He plays eye tag

This is a staple of that awkward “will they, won’t they” stage. Pay attention to how often you look up only to find your eyes locking — it means he was probably already looking at you.


Bonus points if he quickly averts his gaze afterward.

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2. He’s self-conscious about his appearance

If he’s constantly running his hand through his hair or if he looks better groomed when he knows you’ll be around, then he might be trying to get you to notice him.

3. He makes sure you’re included

Whenever you’re in some sort of group setting he always tries to make sure that you’re included and welcomed in his group. If all of his friends are having a conversation, he may directly engage you and try to bring you into the conversation.

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4. He tries to be included when you’re around

In the opposite case, in which you’re having a conversation with a group of people and he’s around, he may try to insert himself into the conversation for the sake of being near you and for the chance to talk to you.

5. He brings you into his friend group

Beyond just including in conversation, he might start trying to get you to become friends with his friends. If he starts inviting you out with the rest of his friends, it might be because he wants you to be in his social circle to spend more time with you.

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6. He speaks differently when you’re around

If he starts to act differently or speak differently when he’s aware that you’re around then that could mean that you make him, consciously or otherwise, adjust his behavior to get you to notice him.


For example, if he’s normally very loud and boisterous, but gets quiet and subdued when you’re around, he could start feeling self-conscious when you’re around.



7. He talks to you regularly in group settings

Despite the presence of other people, he still addresses you directly and speaks to you, and includes you in any other conversations that he might be having.

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8. He messages you often

If he texts you a lot more often than your other guy friends do, then there’s a really good chance that he’s trying to get your attention.

Check in with other mutual friends to see if he messages others as frequently.

9. He angles himself toward you

Body language can be hard to read, but as Success and Leadership Coach Christine Hourd says, “He’ll angle his body toward you, and one of his feet will be pointed in your direction — indicating his interest. 

Then, when you begin to communicate with him, he’ll lean in and subconsciously match the pace, speed and tempo of your voice, as well, copy your movements. It’s like creating a dance where you’re in synchronicity with each other.”


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10. He finds (and keeps up with) your social media

It’s really common for friends to follow each other online, but if he regularly engages with your social media posts, then that could indicate that he’s trying to get you to notice him.

If every time that you post a picture on Instagram, he’s the first one to like it, then he’s either really into Instagram or he’s really into you.

11. He spends time physically close to you

If he tries to get close to you when you’re hanging out, he might be consciously, or unconsciously trying to become more intimate.

While he might not actually make a move, if he sits close to you or leans in toward you when you talk, it could be because he’s trying to literally and figuratively get closer with you.


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12. He tries to connect with you emotionally

If he shares a lot and is open to you sharing about personal things and passions then it’s possible that he’s taken a deeper interest in you and is trying to connect with you on a deeper level.

13. He takes opportunities for physical contact

Eventually, he might start doing little things like putting a hand on your shoulder or touching his leg to yours when you’re both sitting down. He’s very likely gauging your responses and trying to get you to notice his subtle advances.




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14. He engages with your passions

If he asks you detailed and technical questions about your job or your interests, then that’s a good indication that his interest in you goes deeper than surface level.

15. He listens closely and remembers details from previous conversations

If he is actively engaged in your conversations then he might just be a good listener or conversationalist, but it’s certainly a good sign. If he starts bringing up things that you talked about before though then that could mean that he’s taking an interest in your life outside of that single conversation and wants you to notice that.


As an example, if you mention that your pet is sick during a conversation and he asks every time you meet afterward how your pet is then that could be a sign that he wants you to take an interest in him.

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