20 Signs He Likes You As More Than A Friend, Based On His Body Language

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Does He Like Me? How To Read The Body Language Of Men

You've been out with this guy a couple times, or you've at least spent some time together, and now you're asking yourself, "Does he like me?"

The good news is that men's body language can be easier to figure out than just asking them outright, and by reading his body language, it's actually pretty simple to figure out how to tell if he likes you!

The signs he secretly likes you are in his body language — if you know where to look.

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You think he likes you, but how can you tell? Not knowing is so hard to handle. The start of dating someone new is exciting with all the possibilities before you. When the chemistry is hot, you can feel it like electricity running through your veins.

But the first time you meet a man and the first few dates can also be anxiety-filled as you hope this guy likes you as much as you like him right now.

Many women wonder if there are signs that make it clear he’s into you. The answer is yes, absolutely! You can learn to watch his body language — the little “tells” that let you know he’s attracted and interested, and you don't need to be an expert in body language and non-verbal communication to figure this out.

With a little practice and the knowledge of what to look for, you can spot these signals easily.

Keep in mind, men do not make these moves consciously. Reading body language is about what he’s thinking and how he’s revealing that subconsciously, so don’t call him out if you notice these signals.

This is a time to use your feminine wiles to make note of his physical reactions. Be smart and keep this little secret to yourself because the last thing you want to do is embarrass a man you find attractive.

Here are 20 ways you can tell if he likes you by reading his body language when you're out on a date:

1. His pupils dilate

While this isn't always easy to notice, especially when the lighting isn't good, if a man’s pupils dilate — which means they appear larger than normal — that's a sure sign he's into you.

This is a natural biological response that gives his thoughts about you away.

2. His smile is natural and warm

His smile isn't just some little smirk or a tight-lipped grin. No way! He smiles big for you, showing off his pearly whites.

Next time a man smiles at you, pay attention to if his front teeth show — that's a well-known sign that he's telling you he likes you.

3. He focuses on your face when he's talking to you

One way his body language tips you off to what he's thinking is when he looks at your face. This includes more than eye contact.

Hopefully, you will look eye-to-eye, but also he will look at your lips, too. That means he's thinking about what it would be like to kiss those sweet lips of yours.

4. He tilts his head

As the conversation between you and this new man progresses, you can tell if he's really listening if he tilts his head when you're speaking.

This is a classic "tell" that he's really taking in what you are saying and is definitely interested in you.

5. He "fixes" his hair or clothes

You may have thought only women primp and fidget as part of flirting, but men do this, too! These small attempts at grooming, like making sure his hair is in place or checking his shirt is tucked in, let you know he wants to look his best for you.

A man who cares about his looks wants to make a good impression on you.

6. He keeps a good posture

If you notice a man suddenly moving his shoulders back straightening up and puffing out his chest — he is expressing his manly traits for you.

This is the same as a peacock spreading his tail feathers to impress and attract a female, so yes, this body language is important!

7. He puts his hands on his hips

Sometimes when a man sees a woman he's taken with, he'll place his hands on his hips with his elbows angled out. This is a classic stance that allows a man to take up more space.

His great physicality is a sign of showing male prowess — in other words, he's trying to get your attention.

8. He hooks his fingers through his belt

Not just in classic wild west cowboy movies, men today also hook their fingers into their belt, or hold onto their belt/belt loops.

This causes his elbows to angle out in the same way as putting his hands on his hips. But it's also a subconscious way a man will point to his ... masculinity.

Nothing more manly than that to try to impress you, even if he doesn't realize he's doing it.

9. He sits with his knees apart

If you are sitting near a man who starts to get comfortable around you, he'll likely spread his legs and sit with his knees wide apart. You see men sit like this all the time.

Sometimes, a guy will also stretch and put his hands behind his head, making his elbows stick way out. Again, these are more signs of a man's physicality to display his masculine superiority vs. other men.

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10. He turns his torso toward you

Even if his whole body is not turned in your direction, if his torso faces you, that’s his body language letting you know he’s into you.

This could be whether he’s seated or standing.

11. He leans toward you

You can tell he's really into you and the conversation if a guy leans in to get closer. This lets you know he's intrigued and captivated by your discussion and wants to know more.

That's why he leans his upper body toward you.

12. His toes point toward you

Even if his body is not turned completely toward you, watch where his toes are pointing.

Whether he is seated, has his legs crossed, or is standing, his toes are a guaranteed give away about his interest in you.

13. He plays "footsie" with you

Sitting across the table from a hunky guy? If he reaches his foot across, by accident or on purpose, that's a signal of his attraction.

Playing "footsie" as this is called, may seem silly, but it counts, so don't deny it!

14. He frequently touches you

When a man breaks the barrier of your physical space, he wants you. Sometimes this is a test to see how you'll respond.

For example, he may reach over and tuck a bit of your hair behind your ear. This move is definitely flirty, but also endearing.

He may be bolder and rest his hand on your knee. This often indicates his desire is getting the better of him and he's thinking about how much he wants to sleep with you.

15. He holds your hand

Holding hands is certainly an affectionate move, but how he does it matters as well. If he really presses his palm into yours or interlocks fingers, he's expressing his desire to get closer. Sweet!

16. His eyebrows raise

When this new guy looks at you, his eyebrows go up. It’s a quick little movement that lets you know he sees something of interest — you!

17. He sits next to you

You probably remember being on the school bus and the first time a boy came to sit next to you. That move to be near you is still a great body language tip-off that he’s into you.

18. He walks at your pace

If the man you're with is taller than you, he'll likely walk faster as well. So, when he slows down to match your pace and walk alongside you, that’s a great signal he's into you!

His body language tells you he cares and is thinking about what works for you.

19. He ignores his phone

In this time of technology, when a man stops incessantly checking his phone, that's a surefire sign he's into you!

If he puts his phone away or ignores the rings and buzzing, you've got him on the hook, girlfriend!

20. He glances back at you when you leave

As your first meeting or date comes to a close and you part ways, should he look over his shoulder or turn to glance back at you — bingo! He's interested. This is his body language giving his feelings away that he's into you and you will most likely hear from him again soon.

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