8 Sensual Ways To Reclaim Your Feminine Energy

Regain control of your most alluring energies.

Last updated on May 22, 2024

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The ability to flip a switch from her masculine survival mode to a sensual woman sometimes diminishes. In extreme examples, some women have lost touch with their feminine sides to the point that they don't even realize what they left behind. Instead, they simply feel a vague sense of loss or an inability to attract a new relationship. If you are a woman and suspect that your feminine energy needs invigoration, here are tips to embrace the feminine side of you.


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Here are 8 sensual ways to reclaim your feminine energy:

1. Remember how to flirt and be playful

If your life has had to be serious to survive, you may need to remember how to flirt and soften the way you speak. Throw in a light laugh or even giggle. Laughter makes life more enjoyable so go to a comedy show, watch a funny TV program or movie, and get your funny bone back.

2. Lighten your load and open up space

Get help around the house from a friend, neighbor, or handyman. Simplify and declutter your life. Let go of things and responsibilities that no longer serve you or feel like a burden. Stop trying to do it all and stretching yourself thin. Focus on a few priorities and your strengths and give up or hire out the rest. This will open space in your life and energetically take some weight off your shoulders.


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3. Schedule an evening out with girlfriends 

Have an agreement that everyone in the group will wear an outfit they look and feel great in and then go to a new, hip place for a girl's night out. Select women who will embrace the spirit of having a spectacularly fun night.

4. Go dancing or take a dance class

Dancing is fun; moving your body around to music can bring back a feeling of youth, freedom, and fun. Zumba classes can be really great ways to remember how to wiggle your hips and shimmy.

5. Give back to yourself with some self-care practices 

If you are the type that gives to others first and yourself last, it is time to take care of yourself. Schedule some pampering activities such as a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, or spa day. Create a candle-lit bubble bath. Make time for self-care regularly. If you don't take care of yourself, it will be hard to keep your health and vitality.

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6. Read a romantic novel 

Read a story with a bit of romance. Whatever it is, read something that carries you away in your imagination. If you are more of a movie person, watch a romantic film and TV show. 

7. Take a day off or plan a vacation 

If you work long and hard and rarely treat yourself to time off, do it. Life is short and everyone needs a break. Plan a getaway to a place that will recharge your batteries and re-invigorate your energy. Make these breaks a regular practice to eliminate burnout and excessive fatigue.


8. Practice yoga or some form of exercise that feeds your soul 

Find a form of physical exercise that feels good to you, adds to your health, and soothes the stresses of life. Everyone needs an outlet to let go of tension and also be fit. Integrate this practice or exercise into each week.

Hopefully, some of these tips will find their way into your routine and your habits. It is possible to feel like a woman and bring some spark back into your life if it has slipped away for whatever reason. The most important thing to do to feel better is to have some fun. Find a way that brings fun back into your life consistently, and most everything starts to improve in your life.

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Lisa J. Shultz is a consultant, speaker, and award-winning author, who specializes in writing non-fiction, self-help, and inspirational books. She is the author of Lighter Living: Declutter. Organize. Simplify.