7 Secret Ways The Most Successful Couples Flirt

Try one of these flirty techniques to spice up your relationship.

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Remember in the days of high school when you'd write a love note for the cute guy or girl in your class?

You'd draw a heart or just say, "Hi", then fold that piece of paper and pass it up the aisle to the person you were crushing on.

How things have changed.

Slipping a sweet note into your partner's briefcase before he or she heads off to work is a wonderful way to keep the passion alive in your relationship, but thanks to technological advances that are happening every day, flirting with your beloved just got a whole lot more creative.


Flirting isn't just for singles in the dating scene. It's the secret for committed couples who want to keep things fun, sexy, and exciting in their relationships.

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Here are 7 secret ways the most successful couples flirt:

1. Be unexpected

Part of the thrill of flirting is in the surprise. You and your partner may say "I love you" to each other every day, so mix things up by sending flirty text messages. Choose new ways to show how much you adore him or her and how much you're looking forward to the next time you can spend time alone together.


2. Set the mood

Get your partner excited for a night of romance and intimacy. The way you flirt can build anticipation in both of you whether you're looking forward to just hanging out together or making wild love.

3. Be mindful

Know what your partner likes and what he or she finds offensive or distasteful.

This doesn't mean you can't be playful or even a little raunchy. Just use common sense as you choose how you will flirt.

Don't embarrass your partner by sending explicit emails, messages, or texts that would be unsafe to open at work. The last thing you want to do when flirting is to be a turn-off! Simply let your intention be to express, celebrate, and enhance the love you two share.


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4. Text your plans for later

"What I want to do to you tonight..." Send an enticing text to your partner to let them know that you're thinking ahead to when the two of you can be alone and intimate.

Keep in mind, flirting doesn't always have to allude to sex. You could also set the mood for later with an email that says, "I can't wait to hold your hand and take a walk in the park. It will be the best part of my day."

5. Pin your love

If you haven't tried Pinterest, here's your chance to get flirty in a visually creative way. Create a board with your dream bedroom and include images of the design, colors, and overall environment you'd love to find yourself in with your partner.


Find photos of exotic and romantic getaway locales and fill another board with these images. The most important part is to tag your partner, so they know what you've been imagining. This might even spark plans for a sumptuous room remodeling or even a trip. 

6. Create a musical surprise

Music is a perfect way to convey love and appreciation for your partner. Make a playlist of romantic, sexy, and playful tunes. Be sure to include some of your partner's favorite songs as well as your own. Then, if you have easy access to their mp3 player, upload the playlist and wait for your partner to discover your surprise.

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7. Meme how you feel

Social networking sites like Facebook and Tumblr are full of funny, thoughtful, and romantic memes. You don't have to be a graphic designer to flirt using memes.


As long as you give credit to the original creator, you can post a meme to your partner's Facebook wall or post it to your own wall and tag your partner. Choose something that is playful and alluring. Remember, the aim is not to embarrass your partner or be inappropriate, but to hint at what you have in mind for date night.

Even if none of these suggestions appeal to you, there are plenty of apps that will do the work for you, from sending flirty images to suggesting perfectly witty things to say to your love. What's most important is that you find an app that lets you be authentic (if not just a tad sexier). Just remember that flirting is supposed to be fun, and it's meant to bring you and your partner closer together.

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Susie and Otto Collins are relationship coaches and authors who help couples communicate, connect and create the relationship they desire.