7 Amazing Reasons To Date An Artist

You can fall in love with the art and the artist.

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As we've been learning, every type of profession and type of guy has its perks when it comes to offering something great to a relationship. From teachers to drummers to dudes with beards, there's no end to the relationship benefits of each.

This time we're looking at artists and all the great things about them. If you've yet to date one, it's definitely about time to do so. That is, if you're single — we're not suggesting you dump your banker boyfriend for an artist, or are we? I kid!


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Looking for a masterpiece? Here are 7 reasons to date an artist:

1. Their brains are balanced.

It's no wonder that psychologists suggest things like art therapy for those trying to work out their problems; it's because art has a way of making things better. Philosopher Alain de Bottom and art historian John Armstrong found through extensive research that artists have the "ability to mediate psychological shortcomings" and soothe any anxieties about their imperfections.


Artists' minds know how to make peace with the complications in their lives through art expression.

2. They see life in unexpected ways.

Artists are artists for a reason: they see life, unlike the rest of us. Not only will this lead to exciting adventures, but that level of creativity is bound to spill over into your own life, too, making you see things in ways you’ve never seen them before. It's like taking a hallucinogenic drug without putting evil chemicals in your body.

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3. You get to be a muse.

Have you ever heard of Marie-Thérèse Walter? If not, she was both the mistress and muse of Pablo Picasso, one of the founders and a major contributor to the Cubist movement. Artists always have a muse who inspires them, and who doesn't want to be a muse?


4. They're physically healthy.

Despite the stereotype that artists are prone to drug addiction (and some are), studies have found that those who make art tend to be healthier and bounce back quicker when they do get sick. That's the reason art is such a major component in hospitals with sick patients.

5. They have killer memory skills.

Artists' brains are constantly in motion, and that makes for killer memory skills thanks to both intelligence and their innate ability to be more aware of their surroundings than most. Because of these qualities, it has been found that artists have a greater chance of fighting off memory and brain diseases like Alzheimer's.

Basically, if you're in for the long haul, you don't have to worry about him ever forgetting your birthday or, later in life, who you are. Granted, The Notebook was a beautiful story (thank you, Ryan Gosling!), but Alzheimer's is a devastating disease for both the patient and their loved ones.

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6. They're constantly surrounded by interesting people.

Birds of a feather stay together, as they say. If you're dating an artist, even if you don't happen to be one yourself, you'll definitely find that you'll be thrust into a culture and world of some pretty extraordinary people.

This isn't to suggest that if you're dating a finance guy, his world isn't interesting, too, but let's be honest, artists just tend to be more open-minded, clearly far more creative, and with the aforementioned fact that they see the world differently, a night out with artists is going to be way more fun than the banker types.

7. They're passionate.

We don't need a scientific study to prove that artists are passionate, because history already does it for us. For starters, it takes a truly passionate and artistically devoted person to take the road less traveled, and pursue their heart’s main source of joy.

If we look back at the greats, what they all had in common is passion; passion for life, love, intimacy, art, and beauty.


Just look at the passion between Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Yes, it was fiery at times, but their passion and dedication to each other as fellow artists is the stuff that makes for an epic, if not iconic, relationship that no one will forget anytime soon. In short, dating an artist is the best.

Have you ever dated an artist? 

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Amanda Chatel is an essayist and intimacy health writer for Yourtango, Shape Magazine, Hello Giggles, Glamour, and Harper's Bazaar.