9 Reasons To Date A Drama-Free Woman

Why the best kind of a woman is a laidback one.

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Yes, you read the title right. Drama-free women do exist! If in the past, you've attracted women who are never happy and you are done with the drama, then listen up to these 9 stellar reasons why a low-key lady might be the best thing you didn't know you were missing!

Here are 9 reasons to date a drama-free woman:

1. You love being around her positive energy

You feel happy being around her. You enjoy the positive energy that emanates from her heart. On the other hand, a drama queen leaves you feeling drained, and if you are near her you want to depart.


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2. You feel inspired to be a better man

My male clients tell me that after they have found their dream woman, they feel like they've attracted their muse. They're working out more, traveling, exploring new things in the bedroom, and even making more money. What sounds unappealing about that?


3. There are no "games"

The only game you'll be playing is horsing around, making jokes with each other, and maybe having some new fun in the bedroom. The childish games of her not speaking her mind or giving you the silent treatment are games of the past — games a drama queen knows well.

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4. She is happy

You are happy. End of story!


5. She is open to trying new things

Yes, a drama-free woman likes to explore, learn and grow. She never assumes that she knows everything, and is open to trying new adventures with you. She isn't closed off: she's open in more ways than one! (Hint, hint!)

6. She believes in you

There is nothing better than being with a woman who believes in you. You and I both know that a woman can bring out the best in you... or the worst. Dating a drama-free woman who believes in you can allow you to focus on work, make more money, or cultivate the life that you want to live.

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7. She has her own life but wants to share it with you

Yes, you heard me right. She has her own life. No more worrying about a woman jealous of your late work nights because she at times has to work late herself. When you have your poker night, guess what? She has a girl's night out. When the two of you see each other, you've missed each other and are excited to reconnect. Want to know what happens when the two of you miss each other? Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


8. She asks for what she wants and needs

At last! You don't have to guess what's on her mind because she'll let you know if something is bothering her. Oh, and she'll say it in a positive and healthy way. The two of you will communicate with honesty, integrity, and compassion. On the other hand, a drama queen would storm out of the room and wouldn't talk to you for hours or even days.

9. She is doing great things in her life

She's volunteering at the women's shelter. Or maybe she's taking a pole dancing class on attuning to her own sensuality as a woman. Or perhaps she has her own business or career that she loves because she is making a positive contribution to the world around her. Drama queens spend their time talking about how much money their sugar daddy is spending on them, gossiping, or complaining. Drama Queen or Drama-Free? That is both the question and the answer!

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Antoinette Yarrow is a women’s health and clinical herbalist, intimacy empowerment, and fertility guide. She sees where a person might be unbalanced by assessing where the person might be excessive or deficient with the diagnostic techniques she has learned.