The Oddly Specific Thing Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

These aren't your everyday sleeping positions.

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It goes without saying that the closer you are with someone, the more your body language changes. And that's especially true at night when couples are in bed asleep.

While your sleep position says a lot about your personality, what many people don't realize is that your sleep habits and patterns also directly correlate to your love life and relationships.

Sad and Useless created (tongue-in-cheek) illustrations of different sleeping positions and what they say about your relationship. Not only will they provide a good laugh to you and your partner, but they may make you reconsider how (or with whom) you sleep at night.


What does your sleep position say about your relationship?

1. Sleeping close together

It makes sense that the closer you two are in bed, the more secure your relationship is. You feel comfortable being physically close to your partner, both in bed and outside of the bedroom altogether.

Bonus points if you keep your butts touching the entire night, rather than rolling over.

what your sleep position says about your relationship


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2. Sleeping facing away from each other

Independence is important to have in a relationship. While there's nothing entirely wrong with being needy, it's essential to have your own identity outside of your partnership.

So, if you face away from one another while you sleep, just remember that you don't need to be directly touching and facing each other to know that you're both deeply connected.

what your sleep position says about your relationship


3. Your partner spooning a third person in the bed

Polyamorous couples may end up adding another body to their bed, but in this case, if your partner has his best friend sleeping over constantly, and that friend spoons him more than you do, well... it's nice that he has a great relationship with his friend, right?

what your sleep position says about your relationship

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4. You spooning a third person in the bed

Now, if that same friend ends up spooning you, it may turn out that you have a great relationship with this person as well. It shows that you're open and comfortable with them, and that your friendship may be just as close as the bond between them and your partner.


While it's great to get along with your partner's friends and eventually make them your friends, it truly is a preference.

what your sleep position says about your relationship

5. Sleeping while bears watch

Nobody has ever woken up to the Three Bears being bedside, but it might make you wonder where exactly Goldilocks is. Did the bears eat her? Are you next? You must really be missing Pete by now.

what your sleep position says about your relationship


6. Someone else sleeping in your bed

Everyone has that friend who drinks a little too much and ends up passing out in a bed that isn't theirs. And if you have a Pete in your life, it's time to call him an Uber so you can relax in your own bed, together. (Seriously, go home, Pete.)

If something like that happens, it just shows how strong your relationship is and how well you handle problems together.

what your sleep position says about your relationshipAll images: Sad and Useless


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