9 Obvious, No-Fail Ways To Keep A Good Man Around Forever

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You can keep a player with you for a while by following these rules, but if you follow these rules with a good man, you'll keep him for a long time (and he won't be out looking for other women like a player).

All women should keep these in mind to decide what type of man they want in a relationship: a player or a keeper.

A man should want to be with you for you, but if he's not getting what he needs from the relationship, he will find it somewhere else. Here's what you can do to make sure he always stays.

Here are 9 simple, obvious, no-fail ways to keep a good man around forever:

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1. Shave

It's fine to not be completely bald, but don't look like one of Bigfoot's relatives either. It's all about balance.

2. Wear sexy clothing

This can be as simple as a baggy t-shirt without a bra or just not having panties on. Especially with the no panties on, make sure you tell him too.

3. Be conscious of what you wear

Men want to feel like they're dating their hot girlfriend, not one of their female relatives.

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4. Keep his attention

Flirt with him often. Dress up for him. Make him realize why he fell in love with you.

5. Sleep with him

Have sex with him. The amount is up to you, but don't deprive him of that.

6. Oral sex

Give him oral sex randomly. Guys love this, trust me.

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7. Don't take everything so seriously

Make out in public like a teenager. Drive around and kiss at stoplights like you're 16, it will make him feel young again.

8. Don't be boring in bed

Be fun and have adventurous types of sex (public sex, going to a strip club, bondage, etc). Make sure it's something you're both comfortable with, but have some fun with it.

9. Keep your expectations realistic

Tell him what you want but don't expect it from him. He has to come to that realization on his own.

If you follow these guidelines, the player will see you as someone who's exciting, but a good man will want to be with you and be amazed by you.

He will never be able to compare you to another woman because you're it for him.

Remember, if you follow these rules, you'll have him hooked forever.

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