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10 Little Romantic Things Women Want From The Person They Love Without Having To Ask

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It is no secret that most women want to be treated like queens in their relationships. However, she never wants to have to ask her partner to be treated like one, and she has a point. 

If you love someone, it should be instinctual to show them love even in the littlest actions.

Here are 10 little romantic things women want from the person they love without having to ask them

1. Flowers for reasons other than holidays

It is typical to receive a bouquet of flowers from your partner on holidays such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries, but the truth is, there doesn’t have to be an occasion to give flowers to the person you love. 

You can bring her a bouquet of daisies simply because you know they make her smile. Remember, it's not even about the flowers, but about the gesture. 

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2. Random love notes

Like getting your partner flowers, leaving her random love notes without a specific reason is something she’ll swoon over. 



Whether you leave them on her nightstand so she can read them when she first wakes up in the morning, or sneak them into her lunch box before she leaves for work, she’ll love having a written reminder of just how much you love and appreciate her. 

3. Taking her photo unprompted just to show her how beautiful she is

While many women like prepping for an Instagram-worthy photo shoot, they’ll love photos you take of them during random moments just as much. 

Whether you capture her laughing while watching her favorite comedy movie, sipping on her morning coffee, or simply taking in the scenery around her, she will appreciate the fact that you noticed just how beautiful she looked without even trying and that you wanted to document the moment, no matter how big or how small it actually was. 

4. Surprise date nights

Even if your woman is a planner, she will never mind you planning a surprise date for her, especially if it involves food! After coming home from a busy day an unprompted trip to her favorite restaurant or warm takeout ready to be eaten at home is a delightful treat. 

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Surprise dates do not even have to involve food! You can also take her to a museum you both enjoy, go on a hike or rock climb, or simply have a night in complete with lots of cuddles while bingeing your favorite shows. 

5. Kissing in the rain 

In romance movies, our hearts always swell during the scene where the two lovers share a passionate kiss in the pouring rain. It takes away from the gloominess of the weather by adding an idealistic element to the scene. 

What woman wouldn’t want to be swept off her feet and kissed in the rain by the person she loves most after watching so many movies where it happens? 

Most of them wouldn’t even mind that their hair was getting wet and their make-up was running. They would be too caught up in the moment taking it all in with their partner.

Kissing in the rain represents a break from the ordinary, embracing the unexpected, and adding an element of adventure to the romantic gesture.

6. Slow dancing in the kitchen

While many people prefer to save their slow dancing skills for weddings, it is just as intimate and romantic to share a slow dance with your partner in the comfort of your home. 

Women love to know that no matter where they are, their partner cannot resist holding them in their arms, locking eyes, and slowly dancing with them. 

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7. Remind her that you’re thinking about her during the day 

Even if you are not physically together at a given moment, women love to know that they are still on your mind.

If you are out and about without her and you see a cute dog or an advertisement for an upcoming movie she wants to see, snap a picture and send it to her to let her know that she is in your thoughts. 



Nothing makes a woman happier than receiving a, “Hey I saw this and it reminded me of you,” message from the person she loves most. 

You can even tell her about your day, reminding her that you miss her and that you can hardly wait to see her again. 

8. Don't flirt with other women

Interacting with other women is normal. Flirting with other women is not.

The same goes for contacting your ex-girlfriend, telling her about your day, and letting her in on the nitty-gritty details about your current relationship.

10 Little Romantic Things Women Want From The Person They Love Photo: New Africa / Shutterstock 

A study published in the journal “Personal Relationships” focusing on participants in relationships found that “[t]hose who still communicated with former partners reported higher levels of romantic feelings for their former partner and experienced poorer adjustment to the breakup." 

They also reported that they were less committed to their current partners. 

9. Back rubs without complaint

Sometimes, all a woman needs is a loving massage from the person she loves. 

Physical touch is also an important aspect of romantic relationships, and back rubs provide a form of intimate physical contact. They help partners feel connected and close to each other, enhancing the bond between them. 

10. Words of affirmation and reassurance

For women who place a great deal of value on what their partner says, hearing words of encouragement and affirmation from them makes them feel even more noticed and appreciated by them. 

Words of affirmation give people a greater sense of self-worth, motivation, and well-being. Hearing words of affirmation from their partners is guaranteed to give them all of the confidence they need. 

If your woman has an upcoming job interview that she is nervous about, tell her that she’s got this in the bag and that you’re proud of her. If she is feeling down in the dumps, remind her that she is strong and that you love her. 

10 Little Romantic Things Women Want From The Person They Love Photo: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock 

Expressing affectionate and loving words cultivates intimacy and strengthens the emotional bond, fostering a deeper connection and closeness between partners.

Men expect small acts of love from their partners, too.

Most women are aware that if they want these things from their partners, they should reciprocate. In many relationships, they will happily do so without ever being asked. ‘

These are all things you should be happily willing to do for your romantic partners, not because it is simply part of the job when it comes to being in a relationship, but because you want them to feel as special as you see them through your eyes and love them more than you can put into words. 



Little gestures go a long way and hold more meaning than we may ever realize. 

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