The 5 Kinds Of (Super) Men Women Want The Most

The type of men women seem to be drawn to the most.

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A little secret about most men: when we were little boys, we fantasized about being Superman. Truth be told, we sort of still do. Can you blame us? To have a secret identity as "a mild-mannered reporter," and then at the first sign of trouble, rip open our shirts, reveal a big red "S" on our chests, and then save the world, well, who wouldn't fantasize about that? Well, it's not a fantasy.

If you rip open the shirt of ANY man you will find a big red "S" on his chest. It just depends on what that "S" stands for. There are five kinds of "Super Men," yet only one of them attracts the attention of quality, radiant WOMEN. The first four are counterfeit versions of masculinity and women of depth totally ignore them. The fifth one — the divine masculine! — turns women on and keeps 'em interested. Here are the five kinds of Super Men.


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Here are the 5 kinds of (super) men women want the most:

1.  The super simple man

The first counterfeit version of the divine masculine is the super simple man. He's the traditional, strong silent type epitomized by the 1950's male. This type is "the king of his castle," and he wants a submissive, stay-at-home housewife. He's emotionally distant, intimately mechanical, and relationally dominant. Thankfully, this "Archie Bunker" type of man is disappearing from the culture, though Bill O’Reilly is doing his best to keep him alive.


2.  The super-sensitive man

The second counterfeit version of the divine Masculine is the super-sensitive man. He's the exact opposite of the simple man. He's emotionally expressive, considerate, and relationally egalitarian. On the one hand, women of depth like this guy because he's sweet and safe, yet he ends up in the "friend zone" because he's too wimpy and spineless to really trust. Actors like Hugh Grant and Richard Gere seem like examples of this kind of man.



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3.  The super-successful man

The third counterfeit version of the divine Masculine is the super-successful man. Leonardo DiCaprio beautifully portrayed this masculine persona in the film The Wolf of Wall Street. This man is driven, materialistic, uber-competitive, and cutthroat. Though his success is attractive to some, quality women realize that this kind of man is disconnected from his divine core and that the love of his life will always and only be money. Donald Trump and Michael Jordan seem to be examples of this type of man.


4.  The super intimate man

The fourth counterfeit version of the divine Masculine is the super intimate man. Ryan Gosling brilliantly portrayed this persona in the 2011 film Crazy, Stupid, Love. He's smooth, witty, and charming. In other words, he has "game." This man is impeccably dressed, physically fit, and great in the sack. Though he knows his way around a woman's body, he has no interest in navigating her heart. Hugh Hefner, James Bond, and perhaps even Tiger Woods are iconic examples of this kind of man.



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5.  The superior man

Now that we're familiar with the counterfeit versions of masculinity, we can now discuss 3 qualities that comprise the version of masculinity that attracts women with depth and radiance. I call him a superior man. He has clarity of consciousness. He knows his life's purpose and he lives it with integrity, persistence, and humor. He has the strength of presence — the desire (and the ability) to remain undistracted and uncollapsible in the midst of his partner's feminine energy. Lastly, he has an openness of heart. He's aware of his inner emotional landscape and shares it candidly and consistently with his partner. There you have it. That is the measure of a superior man. He is clear, present, and open. Women dream of men like this, and it's in every man's DNA to be such a man. 


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