If Your Guy Meets These 8 Requirements, He's Officially 'The One'

How can you be sure this is the one for you?

Last updated on Sep 12, 2023

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By Gabi Conti 

So you're dating someone, and it's going surprisingly well. You don't really fight, you're confident about where this is going and not in a constant state of panic, and there aren't any red flags you find yourself making up excuses for. This is all new to you, which makes you kind of scared.

Could this be your person? Is this that happiness thing everyone has been talking about?

I don't usually date the one, but I've dated a lot of the wrong ones. While red flags can be obvious (after all, they're red), hints that you're dating the right person can be, well, harder to see, like translucent flags. It's that moment in every Katherine Heigl movie when she realizes Mr. Right was right there all along.


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If your guy meets these 8 requirements, he's officially 'The one:'

1. They'll finish your plate.

And maybe even your sentences! Playing to Ted Mosby's Olive Theory (which was disproved in the series, but it's still cute), this is someone who eats something like the crust you don't want or the last bites of your baked eggs at brunch. This person is truly a keeper.


2. They're the perfect life DJ.

You have compatible music taste. This doesn't mean you love and hate all the same things. Rather, this person won't make you listen to EDM when you’ve made it clear you hate it. Since the days of mixed CDs are in the past, your person can find the perfect track for every occasion and/or accept your music selection.

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3. They find your crazy mom endearing.

If the Internet has taught us anything, it's that cats are cute and moms are crazy. But she's still your mom (happy Mother's Day!). Your person should find your mom's texts cute and maybe even respond to them for you on your behalf, 'cause someday you will turn into your mother.

Just kidding.


Actually, not really, That's probably true.

4. You rarely have bathroom conflicts.

You're never late for work because your partner is hogging the hot water. You never feel like they take forever. Call yourselves Justin Timberlake and J.C. Chasez, 'cause your bathroom timing is *NSYNC!

5. You sleep soundly together.

If you're having slumber parties, you rarely wake up with one body part asleep or heavy eyes because someone was snoring loudly.

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6. Neither of you would ever dare watch ahead.

This is the true sign of selflessness and respect. If your person is watching ahead, this is not your person.

7. You're never bored of them.

Dates feel less like of a burden or responsibility and more like the best time ever with someone who may just be becoming your best friend.


8. You speak the same language.

There's no reading between the lines. There's no sending your friends a screenshot of a text message from this person, trying to analyze what "sure" means. You just get each other.

What were some subtle hints you discovered when you found out you were dating your person?

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Gabi Conti is a freelance writer and podcast host. She has been featured in Insider, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, Men's Health, MindBodyGreen, Hello Giggles, and more.