10 Ways Happy Wives Show Their Husbands They're Still In Love With Them

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Romantic relationships are not always the same throughout their course of existence. 

The honeymoon phase fades away as time passes, and the real struggle to sustain and maintain the relationship begins. During these later years, people start to question whether love is still alive in their relationship or marriage.

These phases become ever more challenging if one partner isn't that expressive. However, even the least expressive one shows their love through body language, gestures and actions.

When women are in love with their husbands, they show it. Even if it's not in the same way as they did early on. Her love language may also be different from her husband's, but she will still show that she is still in love with him. 

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Love has many means of expression, so make sure you're listening!

People express love in multiple ways, and these expressions differ from person to person.

However, the core expressions of love through actions are always similar. Wives have unique ways of expressing love. They might not be shouting out loud to the world about their love for their husband, but subtly express it through gestures and actions.

If you keep your wife happy and satisfied in every possible way, then be assured that she still loves you.

Ten ways a happy wife shows she's still in love with you

1. She verbally expresses her feelings with eye contact

They meet your eyes and confess their love for you out loud. This eye contact is vital in signifying the love confession's authentication.

The verbal expression isn't authentic if your wife isn't meeting your eyes.

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2. She makes gestures of physical affection

They will steal a kiss once in a while, hug you, hold hands with you and in many other ways show affection towards you.

These little gestures aren't that little, really. They show that your wife still loves you.

Affection is essential for a happy and healthy marriage.

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3. She shows signs of enduring respect

Love can never exist without respect. If your wife speaks highly of you and stands up for you in front of people criticizing you, it's a clear sign of love and respect.

Fights are not equivalent to disrespect. The couple may have fought and yet loved and respected each other.

4. She shares her secrets

If your wife shares all her secrets and daily activities with you, it signifies her trust. This can only be possible in the presence of love.

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5. She initiates physical contact

Physical touch doesn't necessarily need to be sexual. Just a small touch on the shoulder or sitting closely together is enough to express love.

6. She prioritizes your needs

She goes all out to satisfy your needs and requirements. These needs are emotional, mental and physical.

Your wife looks out for your ultimate well-being and puts her best foot forward to satisfy you. Remember, she is doing all of it out of love and not compulsion, so never take any it for granted.

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7.  She likes to bask in your presence

When we love someone, we make them the ultimate sun of our life. Our existence revolves around them and we like always to stay close to them.

Similarly, your wife will always find reasons to stay close to you despite her busy schedule.

8. She takes good care of you and your family

Who takes care of you and your family members when they are sick? If the answer to that is your wife, then you are a lucky man with a very loving and caring partner.

No one will ever sacrifice their well-being to ensure that others are taken care of if they don't love that person.

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9. She shows interest in your interests

It's always a chance that you two have different interests. However, if your wife readily shows interest in your interests and participates in them, this is a clear sign of love.

For instance, if you are into the notoriously complex sport of cricket and she's not — but for you, she is trying to understand the game — then my friend, it's love!

10. You both have a great sex life

This might be subjective, but a good sex life often signifies an emotional connection. If she is initiating sex or even responding positively to your initiation, it's a sign of love.

Remember that the expression of love differs from person to person, so don't judge your wife's love for you only based on a few points.

Love is a feeling, and if your wife loves you, you are bound to feel that. Happy and satisfied wives will convey their love to you over time, ensure you love them back with all you might, and be the perfect husband for them.

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