How A DNA Test Can Lead You To Your Perfect Match

Let your DNA do all the work for change while you just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

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When it comes to chemistry, it's all about DNA.

As we've learned with microbes, what's going on inside of our bodies has a direct effect on what's going to go on with the rest of our life, too. While looks and wit may initially win you over in the dating department, that's just superficial stuff. If there's no chemistry, then you can't expect it to last—no matter how much he may look like Idris Elba.


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Enter: SingldOut—Yes, that's right, no E in there, so as not to be confused with that MTV game show of the 90s. Singldout came to be when matchmaker, Elle France, met up with a client, Jana Bayad, to discuss finding her a possible match.

What the two women ended up discussing instead were the pitfalls of dating, the disappointment that comes with meeting someone in person who isn't who they claimed to be online, and how there had to be another way to match people. Because, really, is online dating as good as it gets? I should hope not. 


Here's how a DNA test can lead you to your perfect match:

So the women went the route of science, several levels above your average online dating site that chains you to your computer with hour-long questionnaires and clothing catalog-type searches of one photo after another, to match people at their core, literally. Because, as France points out when you have actual chemistry involved in the dating process, it makes for a "more enjoyable ride."

SingldOut was the first site of its kind. As their site explained, they were the "first in the online dating industry to bridge the gap between the digital and biological world of Love."

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Those who were looking to give SingldOut a try signed up through LinkedIn (so you know you're dealing with other professionals), then you would get your DNA kit in the mail. Once you would swab your mouth to retrieve your saliva sample, you would send it back to SingldOut.

The next step was completing a personality assessment while scientists would match you both genetically and psychologically to those who will actually be compatible in more ways than one.

Can you imagine the possibilities? And all the free time you'll have by not wasting your precious minutes on dates with people who just aren't for you? It's like a world of opportunity has unfolded unto your lap and the fun is just getting started!

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Elle France and Jana Bayad had come up with something revolutionary. They took the good old-fashioned "sweaty t-shirt" experiment a couple of steps further to really insure that you can weed out the wrong ones and get to the right one quickly and with less hassle.

They're also the only women out there in the online dating industry who were at the helm of a company, and, if we're being honest, women are instinctively more nurturing by nature, so you know you'll be in good hands.

"It's everybody's right to love," Bayad told YourTango, and she couldn't be more right.

So if you can skip the disillusion and discouragement that comes with your usual brand of online dating, wouldn't you? Let your DNA do all the work for change while you just sit back and enjoy the benefits. You deserve a break after all those past dating experiences.


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