The 10 Hottest Spots To Elope (That Aren't Las Vegas)

Just say no to Elvis impersonators.

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Have you always been the girl who never dreamed about a big wedding? Or really any wedding at all? Does the idea of planning your own wedding give you chills?

Las Vegas isn't for everyone. If you're looking to elope and fall into that category, there are other options that may suit your sensibilities.

Here are the 10 hottest spots to elope — that isn't Las Vegas:

1. Napa Valley, California

Amazing scenery, beautiful weather, and vineyards around every corner make this a perfect location for an intimate ceremony for two. Bring back a case of wine (or champagne) to celebrate with your loved ones at home.


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2. Niagara Falls, New York 

Why save this romantic spot for the honeymoon? You can get married standing next to the falls, in a helicopter over them, or in a tethered balloon as it floats 400 feet above the roaring waters. Find a white raincoat and some cute rubber boots - you're in for a wet ride. 

3. Manitou Springs, Colorado

Get away from it all at the Blue Skies Inn, which conveniently offers an elopement package. Enjoy a gorgeous view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from your suite as you curl up with your new husband. 


4. San Francisco, California

"I left my heart in San Francisco," sings Tony Bennett. And so can you. The Bay Area has a variety of wonderful locations to choose from: ocean side, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay View, gardens, and parks. 

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5. New Orleans, Louisiana

The home to Mardi Gras really is the Big Easy when it comes to matrimony — Louisiana allows out-of-state residents to get married with only a 72-hour waiting period. Grab your bouquet (and some beads) and head for the French Quarter or Audubon Park.

6. Ashford, Washington 

Go and get hitched in one of Washington State's oldest inns — Alexander Country Inn. Just one mile from Mount Rainer National Park, this bed and breakfast offers a variety of elopement packages. In the parlor or out by the waterfalls; just the two of you or, with a few friends — the choice is yours.


7. Nesbit, Mississippi

Were you always a Southern gal at heart? Loved Gone With the Wind? Then get married at Bonne Terre. Set on 120 acres, this 15-room country inn has two surrounding lakes. Enjoy your personal balcony as you eat chocolate-covered strawberries and drink champagne. Here's to you, for finding your own Rhett Butler.

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8. Savannah, Georgia

Be a part of history and elope at Marshall House, a 68-room hotel located in historic downtown Savannah. Filled with modern features and 19th-century characters, The Marshall House is definitely unique.

9. Maui, Hawaii

Imagine this: a white sandy beach, crystal clear water surrounding you, and the setting sun as your backdrop. It's Maui — just one of the breathtaking islands in Hawaii. So, hold off on those vacation days and use them in December. Just think about the story you can tell your co-workers. Visit Hawaii Wedding for ideas.


10. Nantucket, Massachusetts 

Anything seems possible on this quaint island off the coast of Massachusetts. Hop on the ferry from Cape Cod, check into a B&B and have your ceremony on one of its windswept beaches. 

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