10 Honest But Fixable Reasons You Can't Find Love

You may be the reason you can't find love.

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Still looking for love and sick of the search? Does it feel like all you're past relationships have ended the same way, and are you scared that you'll be single forever? The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the single fastest tool I have found to change singles to married.  

EFT, or also EFT tapping, involves someone tapping nine major meridians of their body to relieve stress from a traumatic experience, along with repeating a phrase. That person must create their phrase specific to the feeling they are having and how they're trying to overcome it.


Here is why you would need to use it, and how it will affect your ability to love.

Here are 10 honest but fixable reasons you can't find love:

1. Past disappointments bury themselves deep in your heart

You have a hard time letting go of your past relationships.



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2. New love wakes up old fears

Every time you start to get close to someone, you get scared and start to pull away because of past experiences.

3. Old fears make you jealous, insecure, and childish

You can't let your insecurities ruin your relationships.

4. New love shrinks away from past pain

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5. One more crushing disappointment adds to the vicious cycle

It's hard for you to trust people because every partner you've had has ended up disappointing you.

6. EFT, energy tapping, is the easiest way to eliminate past disappointments for good

It allows you to open up yourself to love.



7. You can make your custom EFT script that will remove your fears, doubts, and insecurities about love

You can create a phrase that you can say while tapping. For example, "I'm insecure about myself, but I choose to accept that I still deserve love."


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8. Is it time to take action and get back out there?

Only you know.

9. No matter how perfect your next guy is, eventually he will hurt your feelings and you will be right back into the love-starved cycle you know so well

You need to be able to heal yourself before you get into a relationship, or otherwise, you will fall into the same toxic cycle.

10. You are the one who can change your Love Vibration

You are the only one who can change how you receive and react to love. Once you are not anchored by all the past drama and trauma, you can finally attract someone who is a great match.


EFT helped me move on from abusive relationships in the past. I also used it when I was recovering from cancer and still use it today to keep my relationship with my husband running smoothly.

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Catherine Behan is a highly educated and accomplished individual with a diverse professional background. She is a dating and intimacy coach, blogger, content writer, freelance writer, and editor. She currently works as a Law of Attraction and Success Coach, where she leverages her expertise in EFT to help people attract abundance and success in their lives.