The Hobbies Men Find Most Attractive

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Woman at a brewery enjoying a adult beverage

There's nothing more attractive than a woman who knows what she's doing, whether it's in a relationship, on a date, or with a set of oil paints. Love is so much more than, well, love: It's about sharing common interests, and enjoying activities — hobbies — both together and apart.

In order to be the best version of yourself for a potential partner, you need to know yourself. And that involves having hobbies and interests that are outside of any relationship — ones that are just for you or that you can participate in together. 

YourTango asked real people — both men and women — "What's an attractive hobby?" Check out some of their responses.

Here are the hobbies men find most attractive:

1. Belly dancing

"Or any kind of dancing, really. A love of boogie means you're comfortable using your body to make yourself feel good, and what's sexier than that?" - Sarah

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2. Playing golf

"It's unexpected, means she can hang with the boys and, let's face it, she'll look cuter in argyle than any of his buddies." - Rachel

3. Needlepoint

"Seems pretty relaxing, and who doesn't want a homemade scarf?" - Tom

4. Hoop dancing

"Aside from displaying your youthful exuberance, your ability to hoop dance with the best of them only highlights the fact that you have hips that won't quit (and don't lie). To add some extra sizzle (and some endorphin-boosting danger), upgrade to a fire hoop." - Steph

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5. Brewery-hopping

"Wine tasting is a fabulous excuse for getting wasted in the afternoon. But when a lady's willing to take a brewery tour, it's something special. It broadcasts the message that she can hang with the guys (and perhaps even chug a whole growler's worth of top-notch beer)." - Steph

6. Tailgates and pub crawls

"A girl who's down for occasional day-drinking with friends is laid-back and fun — two traits that make anyone exponentially more appealing." - Krissy

7. Stand-up comedy

"She's funny and smart and doesn't get shaken if the crowd doesn't always like her. Self-assuredness and quick wit are so attractive it's not even funny." - Krissy

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8. Learning a language

"There's nothing sexier than being able to flirt with a guy in English, French, and Italian. He may have no idea what you're saying, but it sounds incredible." - Faye

9. Being a technology whiz

You don't have a 'Y' chromosome, but you can code with the best of 'em? Is your blog already running on HTML5? It's super impressive, especially for the geekier of men. Bonus points for being a gamer girl, to boot." - Genevieve

Looks like in terms of favorite hobbies, from tailgating to needlepoint, there's no wrong answer.

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