10 Hobbies That Immediately Make You More Attractive

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On my recent vacation, I learned a valuable new skill that makes me pity any man that was intimate with me before.

Why? Because, after many failed grade-school sleepover party attempts, I can now, finally, hula hoop. And since I have mastered the fine art of keeping it up, er, the hoop I mean, with my new and improved hip swivel, I know my next boyfriend is going to be an extra lucky man.

But as the weather gets too cold to use hula hooping in a bikini as a stud magnet, we girls have to get creative. Despite the chill, here's how you can warm things up in your love life with hobbies that'll show dudes you knock boots better than anyone else. 

Here are 10 hobbies that immediately increase your sex appeal:

1. Playing an instrument

You can stroke to the rhythm and are good with your hands. Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to wear super sexy rock star clothes with confidence, since you have the chops to back ‘em up. However, virtual instruments (like the ones used in "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band") can have a similar effect on dudes, but not chicks. 

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2. Glass blowing

When there's fire and glass, you have to be an expert with your hands. Plus, it has blow in the name. 

3. Cooking

The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach, sure. But honey, if you can turn up the heat in the kitchen, there's no telling what you can do in the bedroom. 

4. Ballet/gymnastics

You're flexible, your body is toned, and you know all the right positions. Heck, just saying you're a dancer can get a guy drooling. 

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5. Masseuse

You're a patient, generous person who hits all the right spots. You've got the training to make your partner completely relaxed and then get him back in the game when his penis is down for the count. Bonus points if you actually went to massage school. 

6. Yoga/working out

From exercise to sexercise, taking good care of your body means you won't be afraid to show it off and know how to put it to good use. Just be careful to only wear those yoga pants to class. It's a slippery slope, as Laura from "Project Runway" warned us.

7. Burlesque performer

You've perfected the art of the striptease; you have oodles of spare lingerie and plenty of sexual confidence; and you're an exhibitionist. H-O-T. Or just get the skills for your own boudoir with this DVD.

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8. Volunteering

You're a giver. That's always sexy.

9. Surfing or snowboarding

Any sport, like surfing or snowboarding, where you have to wear something cute and do cool stunts is total boner bait. It's especially good because dudes are usually hanging around doing the same activity.

10. Painter or sculptor

You're passionate and not afraid to get messy. That's fun, no matter how you paint the picture or sculpt the clay or whip the man, whatever your medium may be.

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