6 Habits Of Magnetic, Captivating Women Who Always Seem To Attract Men

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We've all known women who seem to enjoy effortless relationships, romantic and platonic.

If they’re single, they don’t really seem to struggle with attracting anyone. Confidence just emanates from them. It just all seems to work for them.

I’ve noticed that there is something to it. It turns out that the chronically irresistible among us really do possess characteristics in common

And maybe we can learn a thing or two from them.

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Here are six (very non-scientific) characteristics of irresistible women who always seem to attract men:

1. They have a positive outlook on life

Positivity is a choice that desirable people make daily. It might not always last, or it might be predicated on times of deep sorrow or depression, but on the whole, desirable people believe that good things happen to them.

2. They take responsibility for their own lives

It’s easier to stay positive and happy with your life when you believe that things are your responsibility (for better or worse). Blame is so very unattractive since it sends negativity out into the world to be absorbed by others.

Desirable people just aren’t going around bitching and moaning about how things are going terribly.

They’re ready for good things to happen, and if or when they don’t, they start working on making it right or moving on.

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3. They work at staying happy

This is not that gratingly annoying fake chirpiness where you’re convinced they’re really lying. It’s more like a mellow, content and enthusiastic perspective on life

The irresistible among us might occasionally throw a pity party, but they aren’t going to set up shop there long term.

4. They see the good in everyone (especially themselves)

Relationships are much harder when you’re always looking over your shoulder, thinking about how someone must be trying to screw you over. Either that or “nothing this good could ever last.” 

Well with that mindset, guess what? It won’t.

Along the same lines, when things go wrong or they feel uncertain in their relationship, desirable people avoid automatically launching into blame mode.

When given two potential reasons for their mate doing something they don’t like, they’re more likely to choose the milder potential reason. 

For example, choosing to believe, “he just forgot the milk” instead of, “he didn’t bring me milk on purpose. Because he’s terrible.”

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5. Growth and personal goals are important to them

At my wedding, my father passed along a cherished piece of relationship advice, and that was that he and my mother always make sure to pursue their goals, both individually and together when it makes sense.

He explained that without something new to talk about, things get painfully stale. I’ve never forgotten it, and neither has my husband.

Sometimes people worry that they have to sacrifice their dreams for their relationship. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

You must find a relationship that works with your dreams for your life, and a mate who is supportive of you. Passion (for something other than your mate) helps your relationship expand.

It keeps you from getting bored with your life — and from becoming boring.

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6. They take care of themselves for themselves

I realize if you’ve been slacking in the body maintenance department, it sucks to hear that if you get in shape and eat right, you’re more desirable. 

But while not politically correct, it is true. 

It’s ironic that we see airbrushed bodies all day long and have such an appearance-oriented culture, but when we talk about love, we are supposed to pretend that during “real love,” looks don’t matter.

I’m sorry, that’s wrong. That doesn’t mean you, me or anyone has to be perfect — not at all, but we do have to work on the physical to keep it all humming along.

And desirable people make the effort to do the best they can with what they’ve got — that’s just one of the reasons they are desirable.

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Elizabeth Stone is an author, dating coach, and personal development coach who helps women restore themselves in order to improve their relationships.