8 "Gross" Things Women Do (That Men Actually Love)

With the right person, these gross things can actually be pretty sweet.

Last updated on Oct 17, 2023

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When we first meet a man, we're all on our best behavior. However, as things go on, we may get sort of comfortable and a lot begins to change.

While we may start actually eating at dinner and not necessarily going for full hair and makeup before seeing them, a lot of other pretty disgusting things may start to appear. And it's possible that it will scare that guy off. Except, of course, if they are really that into you.


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"A woman that can burp, fart, or go to the bathroom in front of me isn't necessarily something I love, but what it does show me is there is a wonderful comfort level between us that we don't have to hide some of our more embarrassing or personal habits from each other," said one man.


Now, we know that women care a lot about what men think, but how do the guys feel about your disgusting habits? Here are the gross things women do that men like. And in the meantime, be who you are. They can handle it.

Here are 8 "gross" things women do that men actually love:

1. Farting

"When a woman farts, I love it because it means they are comfortable enough to do that and will probably do a lot more."

2. Sweating

"With the right person the pheromones can be hot, but this can also be the opposite with the wrong person."

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3. Pigging out

"I love to watch her eat. So many girls think they are supposed to only eat grilled fish or a salad. When a girl is pigging out on wings with me and getting messy, I love it."


4. Burping

"She's comfortable. That's hot. Plus, then she can't judge me when I do it too."

5. Pleasuring herself in front of me

"I guess the gross things women do that men like is subjective, but I had a previous girlfriend who would touch herself while we were being intimate and my current girlfriend (who will not do that in a million years) thinks doing something like that is gross. I'd love it if she did."

6. Scraping earwax out of my ears

"An ex-girlfriend liked to scrape the wax out of my ears and pop my blackheads. It was gross, but lovely and affectionate at the same time. "

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7. Having morning breath

"I'm not turned off by morning breath. I'm horrified by my own but I'm totally okay with popping in a Listerine tab or sneaking out to brush my teeth before going in for some sweet AM kissing action. It's possible that I like morning intimacy enough to accept a mild amount of halitosis as a casualty of war."

8. Popping my pimples 

"Thanks to the YouTube stardom of Dr. Pimple Popper, my wife — who will send a whole meal back if you even joke that you saw a hair in it — is now OBSESSED with my pimples. She swoons over every bump on my skin, blackhead, or in-grown hair and forces me to sit still while she attacks each blemish with amateurish glee. Who knew back in my teenage acne days that my skin problems would one day actually be seen as a plus for the ladies?"

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