5 Super-Gross Things Guys Do That We Actually Kind Of Love

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Thanks to research in the Netherlands, we now have confirmation that when we're in the prime mode to get it on, what may normally gross us out no longer does.

It turns out that how to attract women may have more to do with your bodily functions than your outward appearance. 

The subjects in what I will refer to as the "gross sex study" were given a cup with an insect in it to drink, and were made to wipe their hands on used tissues.

(They later found out that the insects were plastic and the tissues weren't really dirty. Sneaky researchers!) The participants who were sexually aroused during this behavior were far less disgusted than those who weren't.

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What does this mean? When we are enjoying the company of attractive men, we couldn't care less about their body hair or breath! So, gentleman, here are a few "gross" things about men that women kindly overlook when we're all hot and bothered.

Here are 5 super-gross things guys do that we actually kind of love:

1. Burping

If he burps mid-kiss by accident, isn't it funny how much easier it is to ignore it than if he did it while you two were at a dinner party with friends? Hell, it's almost cute in that particular scenario.

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2. Farting

Although I find this to be disgusting at all times, some of my coupled-up friends don't think it's a big deal. Why? Because they're either in love or straight-up delusional.

3. Body hair

As someone who has a severe aversion to men with chest hair, I can look past it if it means I'm about to get with a hottie. I can't say the same for lack of hair on a guy's head though.

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4. Bad breath

Of course, we're all prone to bad breath from time to time. Who just woke up? Who had coffee today? But when you really want to get it on, you're not going to stop and brush your teeth first, unless you're maybe an old married couple.

5. Skid marks

Oh, did you just notice skid marks on your dude's boxers as he dropped them to the ground before getting busy with you? Skid marks? Yes, you too can turn into a Neanderthal when the opportunity arises for some sexy fun times.

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Amanda Chatel has been a sexual wellness and relationship journalist for over a decade. Her work has been featured in Glamour, Shape, Self, and other outlets.