50 Flirty Cues To Connect With Any Guy

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I discovered a flirty little game quite accidentally while on a recent date. I mentioned the names of two music groups and asked him to choose. Rolling Stones or the Beatles. "The Stones for sure!!" He said. This led to a good conversation about the music we did and didn’t have in common. I like this guy but I am not feeling a lot of chemistry ... yet. I may need 6 dates instead of 3 to feel safe and comfortable around him before I want to get intimate.

Try an easy, lighthearted, and fun way to get to know someone..

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During the date watch for an opportunity to start the game naturally. All he has to do is pick an option. You might be at a coffee shop and you could easily say, iced coffee or hot? And then as you wait for your beverage toss out another. He may just follow along. Or you can say, "I'm testing a theory on making first dates less awkward, want to be a test bunny?"  

Here are some flirty cues for you to use on your next first date. (I even included a few naughty ones at the end, in case the date goes well!)

Here are 50 flirty cues to connect with him in no time:

1. Hamburger or hot dog?

2. Pepsi or Coke?

3. Desert or forest?

4. Atlantic or Pacific?

5. Starbucks or independent?

6. Mustard or ketchup?

7. Baked Potato or mashed potatoes?

This one would change depending on the month, especially during the holidays.

8. Dill or sweet pickles?

9. Movies or theater?

10. Library or bookstore?

11. Wine or beer?

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12. Google or Yahoo?

Only one right answer to this.

13. Cats or dogs?

Pet preference could be a deal-breaker.

14. Apple or banana?

15. Bottle or tap?

16. Ping pong or pool?

17. Zoo or circus?

18. Slam or lob?

19. Beach or mountains?

20. Books or magazines?

21. Fine dining or dive bar?

Either way, grabbing food together is always a great way to know someone, no matter the dining atmosphere.

22. Hiking or biking?

23. Apple or Android?

24. Tablet or laptop?

25. Baseball or football?

26. Chinese or Italian?

27. Tennis or golf?

28. Home-cooked or take-out?



29. Red wine or white?

30. Rain or snow?

31. Steak or salmon?

32. Turtle or frog?

33. Swimming or sailing?

34. Horror movie or mystery?

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35. Cruise or camping?

36. Silk or satin?

37. Ocean or jacuzzi?

38. Boxers or briefs?

39. Hug or kiss?

40. Snuggle or spoon?

41. Shower or bath?

42. Back Seat or deserted alley?

43. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Chocolate is chocolate.

44. Undies or commando?

45. No clothes or fully clothed?

46. Stilettos or flip-flops?

47. Night in the woods or night on the town?

48. Nibbles or bites?

49. Text or phone?

50. Over or under?

51. Pajamas or naked?

Oh, one last note. This list is only a launch pad. Pay attention to your guy and think of some word pairs that ring true to his life. If you are lucky, he will play with you and give you a couple of word pairs to pick from. Have fun!

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