8 Surprisingly Emotional Facts About Men The Best Wives Already Know

There's more to men's inner lives than many women realize.

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Men are often misunderstood in almost all walks of life — at their workplace, at home, and at times, even in their marriage.

In a relationship where love, loyalty, and understanding are paramount, what happens when the wife fails to "understand" her man? Compared to women, men talk less, express less, and show more aggression.

Over time, it becomes extremely tiring for a loving wife to read between the lines constantly. She then takes his restrained behavior as aloofness and his rough and tough exterior as his lack of empathy.


Neither of the partners is at fault. But gradually, these significant differences create distance between them. While communication is always the key, there are certain truths about their husbands that the happiest wives already identify and keep to heart.

Are you ready to learn about the hidden truths of a man that he secretly wants you to know but that society has trained him never to tell?

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Here are eight truths about men the best wives already know 

1. Men desire emotional intimacy too.

Society has framed men as "sex-craving animals" who don't want to deal with emotions. Let me surprise you; men have feelings as well.


They also want to unleash their vulnerable side to you. They want to be understood and loved and reciprocate your love — but refrain from doing so due to social conditioning.

Especially when he becomes a husband, he carries the weight of responsibilities by masking his vulnerabilities. It feels great when their wife lends a shoulder to them on their hard days, even when he tries to act all macho.

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2. Men thrive in an emotionally-supportive environment.

Not everything can be fixed with a bottle of booze and wild sex. More often than not, he seeks a good conversation and someone who makes him believe "everything will be okay."


Whether he is struggling in his career or working on achieving his fitness goals, his wife can be the biggest cheerleader in his journey. Being his support system by having faith in his dreams works wonders to improve his confidence and mental health.

A man who knows his woman has his back and works relentlessly on his dreams is more expressive and prospers in all areas of life. 

3. Men are also insecure about their bodies.

You are mistaken if you thought only women are dissatisfied with how they look in the mirror. Studies have shown that even men suffer from body-image issues.

They are concerned about how they look regularly. Some men even hide their body parts, like the belly, chest, thighs, and sexual organs, behind the sheets.


Additional negative remarks about their bodies can further degrade their self-perception. Happy wives know how to make their hubby's day by complimenting them on their looks.

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4. Men need alone time to recharge.

Even the extrovert man needs some time alone to recharge. When interrupted in his alone time, he can act distant and portray a closed-off personality confusing the wife.

Thus, the man needs some "me-time" to prepare himself to engage in "we-time: fully. This stands true, especially when he is fresh from work or resting after taking care of the kids for hours.

After a long stressful day, he needs to stay in no one's but his own proximity and nothing but his thoughts to replenish and rejuvenate.


5. Men need to hear the words "I love you."

Married life is likely to become stagnant after a few years of monotony. To keep the spark alive, it's crucial to show love to your partner by touching all the love languages.

Saying "I love you" forms a significant part of it. These three simple words are filled with devotion and admiration.

It reminds your husband that you care for them and they matter to you. It reinforces your love and commitment and helps your husband feel he holds a special place in your life.

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6. Men need good friends and community connections.

Without good friends and healthy social connections, a piece of your husband's life will always remain missing. It's similar to how your girlfriends add life to your days.


Studies have proven that men who are part of a friend circle or a community are less likely to suffer from loneliness and, in some cases, even depression. It also adds brownie points to their confidence and self-image.

Men bond mostly on activities like sports or video games. So the next time your beau plans to hang out with his boys, make it easier for him.

7. Men don't always like gadgets as presents.

Their love for gadgets is so immense that sometimes wives are left wondering who their husband loves the most, them or their gadgets.


The topmost gift ideas that come to mind when purchasing a present for his birthday, anniversary, men's day, or general occasions are gadgets and electronics.

But not every time do they expect to be given the same thing. They also like thoughtful gifts, like a good quality shirt, shoes, musical instrument, something they wanted to purchase for a long time, or even flowers.

8. Men yearn for validation in the bedroom.

Your husband does a lot of things to impress you. One of them is providing you with the best sex of your life each and every time he jumps in bed with you.

When he caresses you lovingly, he also yearns for validation. He wants to satisfy his wife. Communicating your sexual contentment to him will boost his confidence. Just tell him when you like something he does.


Also, use feedback coupled with positive reinforcement to let him know when you want something else. He will be excited to satisfy whatever need arises — in or out of the bedroom.

There's a lot your husband fails to tell you as he deals with generational trauma and years of social conditioning to repress his emotions. Knowing these truths about your husband helps him feel seen, valued, understood, and cared for.

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Sidhharrth S Kumaar is an Astro-numerologist and Founder of NumroVani. He couples his knowledge of the occult and modern sciences together to solve real-world problems in the areas of mental well-being and relationship growth.