30 Extremely Easy Ways To Be A More Generous Partner

Thoughtful little gestures go a long way in love.

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Often overlooked, being selflessly kind is incredibly crucial in relationships. In fact, it's one of the top three indicators of a happy marriage, along with satisfaction in the bedroom and commitment.

According to a study by the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project, couples who reported a high amount of generosity in their relationship were five times more likely to say their marriage was "very happy." Who doesn't want to hear about that kind of relationship advice, right?


Luckily, whether you're married or in a relationship, being mindful can be effortless. It just takes small gestures.

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Here are 30 extremely easy ways to be a more generous partner:

1. Give your significant other a genuine compliment.

Without expecting one in return.


2. Surprise your partner with their favorite meal.

Even when you were really craving sushi.

3. Make them coffee in the morning. 

You may have to get up a little earlier, but making their morning will be worth it.

4. Wake them up with a massage.

Is there a better way to rise and shine?

5. Hold their hand.

In public and on the couch at home.

6. Hand over the remote. 

As hard as it may seem at the time, remember it's just television. It's not worth the argument.

7. Leave a handwritten note in their pocket.

Even one that simply says "I love you" shows how important they are to you.

8. Pick up their favorite snack on the way home. 

It's a small gesture, but one that shows you were thinking of significant other.


9. Tell them how attractive they are to you.

Who doesn't want to hear that? Keeping things flirty and reminding your partner you're attracted to them goes a long way.

10. Let the small things go. 

The dishes, the clothes on the floor, the milk he forgot at the store. Forget the little things.

11. Get your partner to smile after a long day. 

It'll make them forget whatever they were stressed about.

12. Let them have the last bite.

13. Make reservations at their favorite restaurant on your next date night. 

14. Share things with them.

Whether it's some of your Ben & Jerry's or your blanket, remind them what's yours is theirs.

15. Make a list of things you love about your partner. 

And share it with them. They'll feel loved and appreciated.


16. Listen without interruptions.

It shows you care and will help you communicate better. Even when you're arguing, it's important for them to know they can express themselves and they'll be respected.

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17. Cooperate.

Think things through before making impulsive decisions or jumping to conclusions.

18. Cheer them up.

Even when you're having a bad day.

19. Say, "Thank you." 

For the little things and the bigger ones.

20. Do a small task for your partner.

Whether it's taking their clothes to the cleaners or washing their car, helping them out when they're busy lets them know you're a team.


21. Make them breakfast in bed.

Who wouldn't appreciate that? Can't go wrong.

22. Make reservations at that restaurant they've been dying to try.

23. Put yourself in their shoes.

Thinking about how your partner feels, whether you're in an argument or not, will help you understand them better.

24. Surprise your partner with their favorite dessert.

Brownies, cronuts, Skittles — whatever it may be, treat your love with treats.

25. Show you support their goals.

Your support means everything to your significant other. Remind them you're rooting for them.

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26. Send your partner a loving text before a presentation or tough day.

Remind them you're their biggest fan.

27. Start a sentence with "I love when you..." 

Expressing admiration for your partner shows how much you value who they are.

28. Give them a small gift. 

For no occasion.

29. Forgive them. 

For that one thing you were still holding against them.

30. Kiss your partner goodbye.

Each and every time.

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