Experts Reveal The Unmistakable Signs That A Woman Will Make A Great Life Partner

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The traits men say they want, what they believe they want and what they actually want in a life partner might be completely different things at a given point in time. Want to know a secret about men and relationships? They're fickle, and sometimes they don't know what — or who — is good for them.

This gross generalization is only exaggerated somewhat. And of course, it doesn't only apply to men. One of the best things about being human, regardless of gender, is free will. And the exercise of free will often means a change of heart or changing your mind.

That said, when men are asked what traits they look for in a potential life partner, the answers often fall into two main categories: physical appearance and chemical connection.

Not surprisingly, those superficial sources of attraction tend to wear thin fairly quickly. The result? An inevitably early and irreparable rupture, leading to divorce.

So, what lessons should men take from that? Here's a thought: Maybe they could devote deeper consideration to what they actually want.

To help with that, we reached out to a panel of YourTango Experts to ask them to identify unmistakable signs that a woman might make a great life partner.

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Here are three unmistakable signs that a woman will make a great life partner, according to relationship experts:

1. Honesty and curiosity

For effective partnerships, many of the qualities and characteristics are similar, whether for a woman or a man. They include self-knowledge, willingness to learn, sense of humor, commitment to fairly share financial and maintenance responsibilities, effective communication skills, similar values, and interest in one another's growth and welfare. 

Of course, many of these characteristics are aspirational. They require collaboration, time, and honesty with one another, along with creating opportunities to develop together.

- Ruth Schimel, Ph.D., life and career consultant, author

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2. Emotional intelligence and good communication skills

Emotional intelligence combined with a growth mindset — women who possess these combined attributes will have greater communication skills because it allows them to understand and manage her own emotions, as well as empathize with and understand their partner's emotions. This enables open and honest communication, creating a deeper connection and the ability to address conflicts in a much healthier way. It helps to create a safe and nurturing environment for both partners to thrive in.

And when this is combined with a growth mindset, it means she is open to learning and personal development. This will extend to the relationship, allowing her to recognize areas for growth and actively work on herself and the partnership, enabling continuous growth and improvement together.

A growth mindset also helps her embrace change, adapt to new circumstances, and bounce back from setbacks. This can be valuable during difficult times, as she can approach challenges with a positive attitude and a willingness to find solutions. She will encourage and support your personal growth, aspirations, and goals too because she values the journey of self-improvement and understands that personal growth and emotional intelligence enhance the relationship as a whole.

- Sue Kohn-Taylor, mental fitness, and people development specialist

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3. Self-knowledge, confidence, and generosity

A woman who knows herself deeply, and accepts herself is someone who will make a great life partner. A woman who has embodied true self-love and has done inner work on healing her insecurities, and really getting to know herself. She can be recognized by how calm and at peace she seems. She rarely gets triggered or drawn into the drama. She knows what is meaningful and worth her time, versus what is a mere distraction.

A relationship with a woman who has really embodied self-love and self-acceptance is smooth and a "team effort." Her partner will feel free and encouraged to express their true self and to grow and evolve as a couple. No game playing. In short, she is a grown woman, not a little girl stuck in the rollercoaster of unresolved emotions.

- Cassady Cayne, Love coach and energy healer

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Carter Gaddis is the senior editor for Experts and Wellness with YourTango.