7 Dating Mistakes Every Woman Makes In Her 20s

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Whether you're kissing too many frogs at the bar, dating too many Mr. Wrongs, or searching too hard for Mr. Right, these top dating mistakes are crimes all women in their 20s have committed.

Laugh, cry, and try not to grimace too hard as we roll through the biggest no-nos all 20-somethings are guilty of.

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Here are 7 dating mistakes every woman makes in her 20s.

1. Telling yourself that kissing a random at the bar isn't cheating

Spoiler alert: It make take a while for karma to come full circle, but when the other shoe drops, you'll learn that kissing is cheating. (Even when you've had a few too many or are just really, really into that Beyoncé song playing during the last call).

2. Putting too much pressure on a relationship

Rome wasn't built in a day... and neither was your future.

Stop trying to make every guy you meet into "The One." Stop thinking about said One because, chances are, there's going to be a helluva lot of them: the one that made you more vital; the one that made you more independent; the one that taught you how to do that thing with your tongue... and so on.

You have time to figure out whom you will spend forever with. Right now, just figuring out how to afford rent and happy hour.

3. Judging a book by its cover

The guy in the bar with the mullet and the avocado tattoo? Well, you don't know it right now, but he's going to be your first everything — and hell, maybe your last everything, too, if you'd only wipe that judgmental scowl off your face.

Once you open your mind, you'll be surprised just how beautiful (and weird) that guy is. Do yourself a favor: surprise yourself.

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4. Not standing up for yourself

If I knew then what I knew now, I would slap myself silly. Let them hear you roar.

Chivalry may be dead, and sometimes you fall into the Betty Draper role of your relationship now and again, but here's the deal: in love (and in life), no one will stand up for you more than you can stand up for yourself. So pay the damn bill if you want!

5. Being afraid

Sitting back and hoping Ryan Gosling will walk into the bar you're desperately hiding in? As much as I want to say it could happen, it won't. It's easier said than done, but here's a tip: Stop. Being. So. Afraid.

Be vulnerable. Take chances. Say "I love you" even if you're not sure he'll say it back. Say "no" to sex. Say "yes" to that blind date. Keep moving as far away from your shell as possible.

6. Moping every time it doesn't work out

Girl, pick yourself off that couch and step away from the slow-churned ice cream. It gets better, I promise.

7. Stringing someone along, just because

If it's not the relationship of your dreams, let them know and go. The Golden Rule of Life (and existence) is that you should treat everyone the way you want to be treated. The same goes for dating.

You don't want someone to lead you on just because, right? You're not doing any favors by playing the martyr. Trust.

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