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Women Share The Most Ridiculous Questions They Got Asked On Their First Dates

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In an effort to vent about some of their worst first dates, women on Reddit have inadvertenly exposed some absolute don'ts when it comes to dating.

On Reddit’s “r/AskWomen” thread — a place where women are asked questions about their opinions, feelings, thoughts, etc. — the women shared what can only be considered a warning to other people about how not to date.

Women shared the questions people asked that guaranteed there wouldn't be a second date.

One woman wrote, "How long have you been Asian for?" 

Many internet users were surprised to read about that questions and gave sarcastic replies in the comments section.

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One person wrote, “‘Since Tuesday. I was Egyptian last week.’”

Another person wrote, “The power you had to not get up and walk away, I salute you.”

Another woman shared her first date story and how she was set up by her friend.

She stated that her date asked if she would like to move in with him by next week.

She wrote, “Followed by him telling me that he would like me to be pregnant with our first of four kids by the end of the year. Oh, and he wanted me to hand in my two-week notice at work so I could be a full-time housewife.”

Many internet users criticized that friend and told the woman to have a talk with her friend.

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One user commented, “Did your friend set this up as a joke or did they seriously think you'd like this guy?”

One woman explained that she and her date were on a hike but a little while later, her date asked her a strange question.

She wrote, “Towards the top, he asked, ‘what if I would’ve brought you all the way out here to murder you?’”

The woman should have been creeped out by the man but she was quite confident.

“I told him that I watch and listen to too much true crime to come unprepared for a first date and that 4 of my friends have my location and his first and last name,” she added.

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Many women also shared some uncomfortable and personal questions they have been asked.

“I was asked if I had ever killed anyone. I was in the military, but that is not a good question to ask someone,” one woman wrote.

Many people criticized the man and thought the question to be childish.

One person commented, “That's a question I'd expect from an eight-year-old boy, not a grown man.”

However, some people understood him and why he would have asked that question.

Another person wrote, “I can kinda understand this. I would want to know.”

Many other women posted similar personal stories and questions they got asked on their first dates that they didn't appreciate.

One woman wrote, “Had a guy ask me how much I make and how much my parents make.”

“I got asked if I was Autistic or stupid. I didn’t give him a second chance. I have mental health issues and mild Cerebral Palsy. But with all the mental health testing I’ve had in the last 20 years Autism has never been mentioned,” another woman wrote.

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