Kissing Someone Else Isn't REALLY Cheating, Says Study

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kissing not cheating
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Do you agree?

Cheating is one of those really murky subjects where everyone has a different opinion. 

Some people think it's only cheating if you do something physical, while others consider emotional affairs a deal breaker. Some couples break up over it — others work it out. It all depends on the individual situation. 

But a study found that a lot of us are on the same page with at least one idea: that kissing isn't cheating. 

A poll by YouGov found that 60 percent of men and 34 percent of women feel that kissing someone other than your S.O. is OK (and actually forgivable). 

“I think there should be a little room for honest whoopsies in relationships,” Sam, 27, told GQ.

His longtime girlfriend, Kelsey, kissed their best guy friend. “She came to me two days later, very apologetic and open about the fact that they were drunk and that it didn’t mean much more than that. We talked, and it was fine and we moved on.”


But even if it is drunk and harmless, kissing can always lead to more. Psychology professor Gordon Gallup said when you kiss someone, there are different "biological mechanisms" at play that determine whether or not you'd be a good genetic match. Who know swapping spit could be so science-y. 

"The majority of both men and women have experienced an attraction to someone, only to discover that after they kissed, they’re no longer interested," he told GQ. 

Still, if you kiss someone else — no matter how intoxicated you were — isn't there more to your intentions than just a peck? If being a genetic match is all that's standing in the way of cheating on your partner, doesn't that mean you're probably unhappy in the relationship?

While breaking up over kissing someone else might seem a little dramatic and childish — especially if the relationship is long-term — I still believe it's a sign of something deeper that needs to be discussed. 


So even if you don't consider kissing to be a total deal-breaker, it definitely means something is not quite right. I'd take this situation as a reason to reevaluate the relationship at least and make sure you both are happy. No matter what action was taken, trust was still broken at some level, and only honest communication can repair that. 

Cheating is one of those ugly things we hope we never have to deal with, but if we do, we should at least be smart about it.