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Soon-To-Be Married Couple Adds $231 Speeding Ticket Fund To Their Wedding Registry

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Couples are expected to spend an average of $29,000 on their big day and that number will likely continue to increase due to inflation. People put their all into a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime celebration of love, even pushing the limits of their finances. Many couples tap into a variety of resources, including their family and friends to pay for wedding costs. So when it comes to wedding registries, it is important to be smart about how to use them.

Wedding registries traditionally exist to allow couples to focus on starting a new phase of their lives without stress over what to buy and how they will be able to afford it all. However, one couple decided to add something a little different to their registry. 

A bride-to-be posted a video showing her husband's 'speeding ticket fund' as a gift option on their wedding registry.

"Feel free to support James in his down bad era," the bride-to-be wrote in the video's caption.



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Wedding registries have often been a point of contention among wedding guests and newlyweds.

Stories of couples demanding outrageous gifts, not using all of the items requested, and struggling to get people to buy items selected make the process of registering for gifts complicated.



Couples’ approaches to wedding registries vary depending on preferences, and this couple certainly took a unique approach to the wedding registry as many couples opt for items that are necessary like cookware or cleaning supplies. But at least this couple will be saving a decent chunk of change that they can use for whatever they want, instead of for a speeding ticket!

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Technology and online shopping are having a huge impact on wedding registries.

Nowadays, many couples find themselves creating wedding registries at Amazon, which has impacted the wedding industry by shifting how gift shopping is done. Bed, Bath & Beyond is one of the stores that is suffering from the increasing hold that Amazon has on the wedding industry as a whole. 

Why does this matter? According to Justin Kleber, a retail analyst for Baird, a financial services company, “Registry purchases tend to have higher margins since family and friends often choose gifts from the list rather than hunting for deals.” 

With the ease of simply adding your desired items to a list without having to leave your home, it has made retailers work to adapt to the world of e-commerce. But despite the retailers' efforts to follow technological trends, Amazon controls 45 percent of the wedding registry industry and that number is sure to increase in the future.

It is no surprise that Amazon is able to do e-commerce effectively due to cheap prices, which attracts many couples who have to think smartly about how to save money in this ever-changing economy.

Future bride and groom, Annabelle and James utilized their wedding registry in a smart way to pay off their ticket because who would want to start off the next phase of their lives with a speeding ticket? 

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Amani Semper is an editorial intern for the Entertainment & News team.