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Groom Postpones Wedding After Learning Why Bride Asked His Daughter To Change Her Appearance

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Groom and his daughter at a wedding

This groom’s fiancée might have crossed the line after what she said to his daughter caused him to postpone the wedding.

As a result, his daughter went to Reddit’s "r/AITA" thread to ask for some advice from people on whether she caused the wedding drama.

The teen explained that she has become quite close with her dad since her mother died eight years ago.

The girl wrote, “I look just like her, same hair, same eyes, with the right make-up I resemble her exact face.”

However, it seems the groom’s fiancée didn’t like the idea of his daughter resembling his past wife.

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The groom’s fiancée wanted his daughter to dye her hair for the wedding so she doesn’t resemble her mother.

One day, the daughter, her grandmother and the groom’s fiancée were out dress shopping. The teen picked dress she wanted to wear for the wedding and tried it on. 

She wrote, “It was an olive dress that matched my hair nicely (I'm a ginger), they complimented me and my grandma said that I looked like my mother because she wore that color so much, just a small comment.”

At the time, the her dad's fiancée didn’t say anything about the comment, but later went to the daughter to talk about it.

“Two days ago, my dad's fiancée came to me and asked if I was willing to dye my hair or wear a wig for the wedding,” the teen explained.

The groom’s fiancée insisted because she didn’t want any of the guests to make similar comments at the wedding saying that she looked like her mother. The teen sternly refused and that was the end of the conversation.

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She told her father about it later and he postponed the wedding.

The girl felt uncomfortable staying in the house with the engaged couple, so she went to stay with her uncle for the time being. 

After the groom’s decision, his fiancée and her family were quite angry and blamed his daughter for not complying with the bride’s request.

The teen also explained that this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.

The bride has had numerous problems with the groom’s daughter in the past.

“She didn't like that he introduced the idea to me rather than just ask her and then let me find out/tell me together,” the girl continued. “She also didn't like that I didn't want to take any part in the wedding party.”

She had planned to take care of her cousins during the wedding ceremony and give a small speech to the couple.

As much as she was happy for her dad, the girl refused to bond with his fiancée or see her as a mother figure which caused issues between them.

“Sometimes when I try to talk to his fiancée about things I didn't like or how it made me feel she treats me as a brat who wants to get her way, so I rather tell my dad and have him talk to her,” the teen added.

People assured her that she was in no way at fault for what happened.

One person wrote, “Her insecurities and jealousy about your mom surfaced and she made a really unreasonable request. It’s right that the wedding has been put on hold for now, she has some stuff to work through.”

Another added, “Don’t let your dad make the biggest mistake of his life. If she’s bold enough to ask you that and treat you that way she’s gonna come between you and your dad.”

The uncanny resemblance she bears to her late mother seemed to unsettle the her dad’s fiancée, ultimately leading to an audacious request.

While it's only natural for emotions to run high in such intricate family dynamics, asking a young girl to change her apearance is not acceptable and hurtful. Blended families must show mutual respect and consideration to each other, especially when children are involved.

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