3 Common Kitchen Herbs That Make Extremely Powerful Aphrodisiacs

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Are there herbs and supplements that can improve sexual functioning and sensual pleasure?

YES, indeed, there are. And they're generally safe to use, easy to find, quick to work, and simple to understand. And the same aphrodisiacs can work for both men and women. (Bonus!)

Wanna attract some new attention in the bedroom? There are certain common herbs that you can find ANYWHERE that can really improve intimacy.

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Here are 3 common herbs in your kitchen that are powerful aphrodisiacs:

1. Ginkgo tincture is a good friend to old(er) lovers

Ginkgo increases blood flow to the erectile tissues, relaxes blood vessels, and increases nerve sensation, heightening sexual response in both men and women. (It's not just for people with bad memories!)

If that wasn't enough, regular use of ginkgo tincture improves lubrication and desire in post-menopausal women and reduces (by half) the risk of ovarian cancer. And, if erectile dysfunction is an issue in your relationship, between 50–78 percent of men using 60–240mg of standardized ginkgo daily for at least six weeks regain the ability to have regular erections.

On the technical side, ginkgo leaf tincture is especially effective when fat deposits or diabetes restrict blood flow, and in men whose blood flow is not improved by papaverine injections, or where potency is diminished by antidepressants. if you're not sure how much to take, it's considered safe to take 1-2 dropper-full of ginkgo tincture, once or twice a day, for as long as 18 months.

Caution: Avoid ginkgo before surgery and if taking blood-thinning drugs.

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2. Ginseng tincture helps people who are stressed out and overworked get their sexy back

Ginseng root is well known to improve sexual potency and enhance your libido. Plus, like ginkgo, it increases engorgement of the erectile tissues, so, yeah, make that engorgement work for you.

In terms of dosage, 10-30 drops of ginseng tincture can lower stress hormones and counter hormonal disturbances in both men and women. It's considered safe to take ginseng daily for many years if you can afford it. (It can get expensive, but, you know, engorgement.)

Caution: Avoid ginseng in capsules before surgery. 

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3. Ginger can make things snap to attention down there

Ginger might be the easiest aphrodisiac to find and use. People regularly snack on crystallized ginger, add ginger to their food, or make ginger tea. As an added bonus, ginger brings blood and heat to the belly and... wait for it... the genitals.

Ginger can aid sexual functioning almost immediately, and regular use can cure erectile dysfunction by removing atherosclerotic plaque from penile blood vessels and increasing penile circulation.

So, the next time you walk past your grocery store spice aisle, pause for a moment. If you need to add a little flavor back into your sexual life, these three simple aphrodisiacs can make all the difference in the world. (Plus they taste great, too.)

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