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Bride & Groom Write Each Other's Vows And Read Them For The First Time At The Wedding

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Bride and groom read their vows during a wedding.

How can you encompass an entire relationship’s worth of love in just a few lines? Well, it’s exactly the dilemma many couples face when writing their wedding vows. 

One couple, captured by their wedding photographer @the.bierys on TikTok, took the stress out of writing their vows and implemented a creative, fun way to spice up their wedding ceremony while still sharing their heartfelt love. 

This couple decided to write wedding vows for each other and read them out loud for the first time at the altar. 

“Sara wrote Steven’s vows to Sara,” the wedding officiant said at the beginning of the video, “and vice versa. The couple says that this will be a fun surprise for the guests. By the way, this was their idea — not mine.” 

As the guests erupted with laughter, the couple pulled out pre-written vows from their pockets. “We have not seen these yet,” the groom said. 



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Looking down at his soon-to-be wife’s handwriting, he read, “Sara, you look so stunningly beautiful tonight. How did I get so lucky?” Laughing, Sara turned to her friends and family who were equally amused.

While the speech started lighthearted and fun, the vows quickly turned more serious, the groom teared up looking at his bride in pure awe. “The best nights are when we’re [cooking] something new, have the music going, a bottle of red wine open, and the smoke alarm doesn’t go off.” 

Although he was reading his bride’s words, as the video went on, it became clear that he truly felt everything he said, “We’re the perfect mix of boring and fun.” 

During the ceremony, their wedding photographer captured their creative take on traditional wedding vows. 

Since so many viewers demanded it, their wedding photographer posted Sara reciting the vows her groom wrote. 



While this couple’s unique wedding vow exchange was equally sweet and hilarious, there are tons of different ways to rework the traditional exchange to fit your wedding. Whether you decide to exchange vows in private, have your wedding officiant read them, or skip them altogether, the only important thing is that you express your love and commitment.

Even if you’re deciding not to get married, adopting practices like this can ensure you cultivate a healthy landscape for love.

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This unique take on wedding vows not only shows the couple's love for each other but also offers a glimpse at their personalities.

With happy smiles and joyful tears from both the couple and their guests, it was clear how much the bride and groom love each other. Their unique approach to vows was unique to their relationship and their personalities, and that's part of what made it so special.

Bride And Groom Write Each Other’s Vows And Read Them At The WeddingPhoto: SolStock / Canva Pro

“This is what it looks like when you marry your best friend,” one commenter expressed. “It’s so cute, lighthearted, and goofy! I love it.” 

If you're looking for your own personalized vow tradition, however, don't feel pressured to make someone else's idea your own. It's all about what works for you as a couple.

Especially within an outrageous, over-the-top, and ultra-expensive wedding culture, it’s important to remember the true celebration behind the tradition — love. Embrace small traditions that allow you to enjoy your partner’s company on the big day. 

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