Will Putting The Kids First Hurt Your Marriage?

No one said marriage and parenthood would be easy.

family at park.

Yes, the children are our future but should we sacrifice for them at the cost of our marriages? Can being too focused on your kids backfire and cause you to get divorced?

Relationship expert Matthew Walters is joined by YourTango marriage experts Esther PerelLesli DoaresCynthia Chestnut and Elisabeth LaMotte to talk about how to maintain a healthy marriage after having children. It's no secret that once a child comes into the equation, your marriage changes. You're not only resposible for you and your partner's happiness, but for keeping your child happy as well. This weight of responsibility often results in marital conflict. Rest assured, these tips will help you put your perspective back into focus and rekindle the flame in your love life. 


If you're struggling with balancing your marriage and parenthood, check out the video above for insightful words of advice.