44 Best Christmas Gifts For Parents They’ll Actually Use

The best gift ideas for your parents!

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It can be hard to pick out the seemingly perfect gift for your parents. 

You want to recognize all of the hard work, love, and all-around wisdom that they bring to your life by gifting them something you hope they will love and appreciate.

Maybe you’re tired of continuously buying them coffee mugs, or a matching pajama set, and maybe even the go-to gifts for mother’s which somehow always ends up being a perfume set.


If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift, here are the best 45 Christmas gifts for parents who already have everything!

1. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

christmas gifts for parents / long distance friendship lamp

Where to buy: Uncommon Goods, $85.00-$170.00

This lamp comes in a pair, and when you touch one to light up, the other lights up as well.


It’s the perfect gift to give to your parents, for when you’re far away and want them to know that you’re thinking of them.

2. Wine Glass Set

Christmas gifts for parents / wine glass set

Where to buy: Target, $39.99

This set of wine glasses are perfect for the parents who love hosting parties and other get-togethers.

It comes with two distinct glass shapes to emphasize flavors of both red and white wine.


3. Harvest Elite 360 Indoor Garden

Christmas gifts for parents / harvest elite 360 indoor garden

Where to buy: Amazon, 

A perfect gift for your parents that can turn into a fun project for the two of them to complete together. 

This DIY, LED-lit grow kit comes with a starter pack of herb seeds that lasts all year long.

4. Nostalgia MyMini Waffle Maker

christmas gifts for parents / nostalgia mymini waffle maker


Where to buy: Walmart, $8.96

This mini waffle maker is the perfect way to explore different recipes and styles of making your favorite breakfast.

It’s perfect for the parents who love to cook and are always looking for ways to spice up things in the kitchen!

5. Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud Headphones

Christmas gifts for parents / galaxy buds live true wireless earbud headphones


Where to buy: Samsung, $99.99

This is the perfect gift for tech-savvy parents who enjoy the feel of wireless headphones.

These Samsung headphones offer improved sound and are even noise cancelling just in case it might be loud in their house.

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6. The Calm Adult Coloring Book

Christmas gifts for parents / the calm adult coloring book


Where to buy: Target, $8.88

Everyone has to tap into their inner-child at some point, and the best way to do it is by coloring. 

It’s a relaxing activity, and who best to relax then parents, who can sometimes become quite stressed and busy. 

7. iRobot Roomba

Christmas gifts for parents / iRobot Roomba

Where to buy: Amazon

The best tool to vacuum and clean an entire level of your house. 


It requires almost no maintenance and is perfect for parents who just want to lounge while the Roomba does all of the cleaning.

8. Phone Soap

Christmas gifts for parents / phone soap

Where to buy: Amazon, 

In the age where we have to be vigilant of making sure everything is clean from bacteria, this easy-to-use sanitizer does the job for you in cleaning off your phone.


It's the perfect way to make sure you’re not carrying any nasty germs into your home.

9. Indoor Smokeless Grill

Christmas gifts for parents / indoor smokeless grill

Where to buy: Amazon

If your parents live in a cold climate, or somewhere that doesn’t have any space to use an outside grill, this is the perfect present for them.

They can grill anytime without the need to go outside, and it works perfectly to cook the food evenly.


10. Knife Sharpener

Christmas gifts for parents / knife sharpener

Where to buy: Amazon, 

If your parents are avid cooks, then it’s probably important for them to have the best quality knives, and with this knife sharpener, they never have to worry about dull cutlery again.

11. Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set​

The gift that keeps on giving? This unique cheese board with stainless steel knives, which also doubles as a serving platter. 


Where to buy: Amazon

12. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Christmas gifts for parents / google nest learning thermostat


Where to buy: Amazon, 

This is the best gift for your parents if they constantly bicker over the temperature in their home. 

The Nest device adjusts to save energy based on their heating and cooling preferences, doing all of the work for them.

13. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Christmas gifts for parents / electric pressure cooker

Where to buy: Amazon, 


Maybe your parents don’t like to cook, or maybe they enjoy those nights of minimal work in the kitchen. Whatever the case may be, this pressure cooker can basically do all of the work for them, so they can just sit back and relax.

You can even gift your parents a dutch oven, in case they want something more versatile.

14. Facebook Portal Mini

Christmas gifts for parents / facebook portal mini


Where to buy: Amazon

This video calling product makes it easy for you to chat with your parents wherever you are in the world. 

The camera catches movement perfectly, and the speaker makes voices easy to hear. It’s an easy and fun way to catch up.

15. VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow​

Relieve tension all winter long with this vibrating shoulder massager. This deep-kneading shiatsu massage helps relax overused and tight muscles while offering an ergonomic design.


Where to buy: Amazon

16. YETI Wine Rambler

Christmas gifts for parents / yeti wine rambler

Where to buy: Amazon

Now your parents can take their wine on-the-go with this portable wine tumblr. They also come in some fun colors, and can even hold liquids other than wine as the insulation keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. 

There is also the Zojirushi Travel Mug in case they want something a bit more practical when on-the-go.


17. Personalized Cutting Board

Christmas gifts for parents / personalized cutting board

Where to buy: Uncommon Goods, $169.00-$178.00

For the parents who appreciate personalized items that can still be used, the gift of a personalized cutting board is probably the way to go.

There is also another version of the personalized cutting board that allows for beautiful engraving and is offered in a variety of different wood types. 


18. Google Home Voice-Activated Speaker

Christmas gifts for parents / google home voice-activated speaker

Where to buy: Walmart, $83.95

For the parents who enjoy tech gifts, this smart device is the best way to make sure their routines run smoothly. There is also a feature for multiple accounts, so it can be shared between them both.

19. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

Christmas gifts for parents / fitbit


Where to buy: Amazon, 

For the parents who love to be on-the-go and work out, a Fitbit is the perfect way for them to keep track of their progress and stay fit.

20. COSORI CS130-AO Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

The ultimate kitchen gift, parents will love this space saving combo machine which doubles as an air fryer and a toaster. 


Where to buy: Amazon


21. Cast Elegance Theramite Durable Pizza and Baking Stone

Christmas gifts for parents / pizza stone

Where to buy: Amazon

For the parents who love making things in the kitchen from scratch, this pizza stone is the perfect way to produce that mouthwatering crispy pizza crust.

22. Philip Whitney Metal Family Tree Picture Frames

Christmas gifts for parents / family tree picture frames


Where to buy: Amazon, 

Your parents will love this gift as a means to keep pictures of everyone in the family on display in their home.

They can fill it with pictures of their children and grandchildren as a beautiful keepsake.

There is also the family tree metal wall hanging, in case your parents might like a more eye-catching version.

23. Airbnb Gift Card

Christmas gifts for parents / airbnb gift card


Where to buy: Amazon

This is the perfect gift for parents who love to travel. On Airbnb, they can book vacations to beautiful places and stay in homes of the locals who live there.

It’s the best way to plan for that next family vacation, or anniversary getaway. 

24. Beautiful Bouquets Subscription

Christmas gifts for parents / beautiful bouquets subscription


Where to buy: Amazon, 

This monthly mixed flower subscription is the perfect way to keep the gift going even long after Christmas is over. 

It shows just how much you appreciate your parents all-year long.

25. Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser

Christmas gifts for parents / oil diffuser

Where to buy: Amazon, 

With this essential oil diffuser, it’s the perfect way to give your parents that at-home spa day that they deserve. 


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26. The Mind Card Game

Christmas gifts for parents / the mind card game

Where to buy: Amazon

For those beloved family game nights, this card game comes with a little bit of a twist. The players have to try to win without speaking to each other.

It’s a great opportunity to bond with your parents while also still having a fun time.


27. Vintage Suitcase Record Player

Christmas gifts for parents / vintage suitcase record player

Where to buy: Amazon

For the parents that love old-school record players with a little hint of modernism sprinkled in there, this gift is perfect for them.

The suitcase record player is also portable, so they can take it on-the-go.

28. What I Love About Being Your Mom Book

Christmas gifts for parents / what i love about being your mom book


Where to buy: Amazon, 

This fill-in-the-blank book is the perfect customizable and sentimental gift for your mom. 

They also have a version for fathers, so they don’t have to feel left out.

29. Best Mom and Dad Tumbler Set 

Every time mom or dad has a glass of wine from this stainless steel tumbler they’ll be reminded how awesome their kids are for thinking of them.


Where to buy: Amazon

30. Bedside Caddy

Christmas gifts for parents / bedside caddy

Where to buy: Amazon, 

Parents are always looking for extra storage, and this gift of a bedside caddy is the perfect place for them to keep their reading glasses, remote control, books, and any other miscellaneous items.

31. Personalized Family Print

Christmas gifts for parents / personalized family print


Where to buy: Uncommon Goods, $85.00-$175.00

This is the perfect gift for parents who want to have a unique art piece of their family hanging in their home.

You can customize the painting with your family name and the year that everyone was born.

32. Roku Streaming Stick+

Christmas gifts for parents / roku streaming stick

Where to buy: Amazon

This simple-to-use Roku, allows for portable streaming and the ultimate TV-watching experience. 


It’s perfect for transitioning parents from watching cable to being able to watch an endless amount of entertainment on different platforms.

33. Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 17 Piece Cookware Set

Christmas gifts for parents / cookware set

Where to buy: Amazon

This gift of a cookware set is the perfect surprise for parents who love to cook and are maybe getting tired of the old cookware in their cabinets.


34. Push Pin Map

Christmas gifts for parents / push pin map

Where to buy: Amazon

This heartfelt present is an amazing way for your parents to be able to track all of the places in the world that they have been to as well as the places that they want to go.


35. Insulated Cooler Bag

Christmas gifts for parents / insulated cooler bag

Where to buy: Amazon

This cooler is the perfect for all occasions including picnics, sporting events, and family gatherings.

It’s the best gift for those parents who are always hosting or attending functions away from home.

36. Back Massager

Christmas gifts for parents / back massager


Where to buy: Amazon, 

This neck and back massager provides instant relief from soreness in the back, neck, or shoulders.

It’s the perfect gift for parents who might be complaining of joint pain and want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

37. Laser Engraved Photo

Christmas gifts for parents / laser engraved photo

Where to buy: Amazon, 

The perfect gift for parents to turn their favorite photo into a one-of-a-kind personalized gift they can treasure forever.

This crystal is custom-made to showcase your best memories in realistic 3D, and will make you never want to use boring picture frames again.

38. Taste of Italy Gift Basket

Christmas gifts for parents / taste of italy gift basket

Where to buy: Amazon, 

Maybe your parents have always wanted to visit Italy but have just never had the time. With this gift, you can bring Italy to your parents with a simple click of a button.

39. Gin Making Kit

Christmas gifts for parents / gin making kit

Where to buy: Amazon

This gift box makes 3 bottles of small-batch craft-gin at home, and is easy enough for your parents to enjoy and learn in an evening.

It comes with 4 delicious cocktail recipes, and is the perfect activity to do on a night-in.

40. Espresso Machine

Christmas gifts for parents / espresso machine

Where to buy: Amazon

For your coffee-loving parents, this machine makes coffee and espresso with the touch of a single button. 

It also doesn’t take up too much space and is easily portable, making it perfect for the office.

41. Tile Mate

Christmas gifts for parents / tile mate

Where to buy: Amazon

If your parents are often complaining about losing or misplacing certain things, this gift might be perfect for them.

All you have to do is attach the tiles to things they might tend to lose, like keys, cell phone, purse, etc., and use the free app to track them.

42. Sriracha & Ranch Truffle Sauce Set

Christmas gifts for parents / sriracha & ranch truffle sauce set

Where to buy: Amazon, 

For the parents who love spicing up their food with sauces, this gift idea might be the perfect one for them.

43. Screen Cleaner

Christmas gifts for parents / screen cleaner

Where to buy: Amazon, 

Save your parents the hassle of having to deal with screens that are covered in dust and fingerprints, with the gift of a screen cleaner, it makes it easy to get the dirt off of all devices.

44. Carbonator III

Christmas gifts for parents / carbonator III

Where to buy: Amazon, 

For the parents who love soda a little too much, this healthy alternative can give them the same feel of carbonation without all of the sugar.

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