Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend After He Entered The Bathroom While She Was Showering

She said he invaded her privacy.

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A man was baffled after his girlfriend broke up with him for using the toilet while she was in the shower. While the man said he did not mean to upset his girlfriend, she accused him of infringing on her personal space and privacy.

Now, he is truly wondering if his actions were breakup-worthy.

The man’s girlfriend broke up with him after he used the toilet while she was in the shower.

Sharing his story to the subreddit r/relationship_advice, the 26-year-old man revealed that while spending the night at his 22-year-old girlfriend’s, he entered the bathroom while she was showering.


When the man woke up in the morning, he needed to use the toilet. However, his girlfriend was already in the only bathroom in her apartment taking a shower.

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Since the two had been in the bathroom with one another at the same time in the past, the man did not believe that it would be an issue if he used the toilet while his girlfriend was showering.

“So I knocked, then walked in and peed; at that moment she said nothing,” the man wrote.

However, when the man’s girlfriend was done using the shower, she came out of the bathroom and chewed him out. 

She argued that the man had invaded her privacy. 

“She came out furious at me, saying I invaded her privacy and was inconsiderate,” the man shared. “I said I didn't mean to upset her, but there is only one washroom, and I really had to pee.”

The man was not expecting his girlfriend to dump him right then and there, blaming their split on his actions. However, the man noted that the dynamic of their relationship had changed leading up to the incident.


“She seemed more distant, didn't want to be intimate as often, and started showering by herself,” the man revealed. “I brought it up, and she told me everything was good, and if there were any problems, she'd tell me.”

Still, he was not anticipating his girlfriend breaking up with him over walking in the bathroom while she was using the shower. 

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Two weeks after the breakup, after the man had come to terms with the end of his relationship, he received a message from his now ex-girlfriend. “She was apologizing profusely, saying she made a mistake and wanted me back,” the man wrote.

While the man claims to still love his ex, he cannot help but feel that she is being dishonest about her reasons for ending their relationship.

“I asked her if she's seen other people, and she refused to answer until eventually admitting she's slept with 3 people since dumping me,” the man wrote. 

“To me, it seems like she dumped me to explore other options and now she sees she made a mistake and wants me back.”


Now, he is unsure if he should give things with his ex another try and if her reason for breaking up with him was understandable.

Many people believed that the man’s girlfriend was grasping at straws in search of any reason to break up no matter how insignificant.

“She was looking for any excuse to break up. Don’t take her back,” one Redditor advised.

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“Nope, leave her out there on her own. She was looking for a reason, any reason. She made the bed, and now she can sleep (alone) in it,” another user wrote.


Others speculated that her distance and odd behavior over the last few weeks of their relationship was evidence that she may have been unfaithful to him.

They assumed that she was looking for any way out of her relationship and settled on an “invasion of privacy.” 

Many people agreed that if their significant other walked in on them while they were showering, that would not end the relationship.

For some people, taking a shower is a time for them to reconnect with themselves and engage in some much-needed self-care in private, no matter how much they love their partner.


If they felt as if their privacy was being invaded by their partner’s presence, that deserves a conversation. But if sharing the bathroom is a common pattern of behavior, you can't flip the script and expect your other half to know how you feel without telling them.

More often than not, it is not your partner’s intention to make you feel uncomfortable or invade your privacy. Make them aware of your feelings and your need for privacy, even if you have already seen each other at your most vulnerable.

It never hurts to set boundaries in the relationship instead of resorting to immediately breaking up after one disagreement.

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