Man Calls Girlfriend 'Revolting' After She Used Their Cat's Litter Box When He Took Too Long In The Bathroom

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

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When a woman's boyfriend was taking a lengthy amount of time using their shared bathroom, she had no choice but to pop a squat in her cat’s litter box to her business. 

But when her boyfriend finally emerged, he was absolutely disgusted by her actions and has refused to even speak to her since it happened. Now, the woman is asking if her actions were appropriate, or if there was another way she could have prevented herself from having an accident. 


The woman used her cat’s litter box to relieve herself since her boyfriend was taking too long in the bathroom. 

Sharing her story to Reddit, the 29-year-old woman explained that she and her 25-year-old boyfriend have been dating for three years and living together for one. They have a small one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom and their two cats. 

The woman shared that her health condition and medications make her prone to having the urge to use the restroom frequently. 

“I am a diabetic and I'm on a number of medications, one of them basically flushes sugar straight through my system and can make me pee a lot,” she explained. “I can go from not feeling like I need to pee to if I don't pee in the next 20 minutes I'll pee myself.” 


The woman’s boyfriend has IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and also needs to use the restroom often, although it never posed a problem for the couple — until the day it finally did. 

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“He had a bad IBS moment and after 40 minutes locked in the bathroom, I felt that I needed to pee,” the woman wrote. “I figured he wouldn't be very long since he'd already been in there 40 minutes.” 

She knocked on the door letting her boyfriend know that she had to use the restroom and asked how much longer he was going to be. He told her that he shouldn’t be more than a few minutes. However, after 20 minutes the woman’s boyfriend was still in the bathroom. She knocked again, telling him that she wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer. 


Man Calls Girlfriend 'Revolting' After She Used Their Cat's Litter Box When He Took Too Long In The BathroomPhoto: Super8 / Shutterstock 

She asked him to unlock the door so she could just pop squat in the shower if he was still using the toilet. 

“He says he can't get off the toilet right now. Fair enough,” the woman wrote. 

After another 15 minutes, the woman began to grow increasingly desperate. Since she still had no idea when her boyfriend would be done using the toilet, she considered alternatives. 


That’s when she remembered her cat’s litter box. 

“We have two litter trays, one in the bathroom and one in a nook in the corridor,” she wrote. “I pop a squat over the litter tray in the corridor and have a tinkle and use a kitchen towel to wipe. I then bag up the litter tray and completely refresh it.” 

When the woman’s boyfriend finally came out of the bathroom and told her she could use it, she told him that there was no need and explained how she used the litter box as a toilet. 

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Instead of laughing or being understanding about the situation, her boyfriend was horrified. 

“He looks at me absolutely disgusted and says that is revolting,” the woman wrote. “I tell him I'd rather just refresh the litter tray which takes seconds than [pee] myself and have to do a tonne of washing.” 


Man Calls Girlfriend 'Revolting' After She Used Their Cat's Litter Box When He Took Too Long In The BathroomPhoto: Oleg Opryshko / Shutterstock

Since the incident, the woman’s boyfriend has refused to speak more than a few words to her. 

“He says he can't believe I would do something so gross,” she wrote. “I tried to tell him a number of times I really needed to go and he said I should learn to hold it better.” 


The woman asked other Redditors if she truly was in the wrong. 

The majority of people believed that the woman was not at fault, since she could not help having to use the restroom. 

They also pointed out that her boyfriend could have been more sympathetic toward her situation considering his own health conditions that make him use the restroom frequently. 

“I find it more gross that he’s aware of your situation and showed no empathy for it,” one Redditor commented. “He kept you waiting 45 minutes after saying, ‘a few minutes.’ I’m sure if he really tried he could’ve gotten up to open the door so you could jump in the shower as you asked.” 

“How dare he be so dismissive of another person's health condition when he can't control his own condition?” another user wrote. 


Others noted that it was better for the woman to use the litter box rather than soil herself. 

“If I were him I’d be praising you for your quick thinking and ingenuity,” one user shared. 

“You did the best you could and used something that *gasp and shock* was meant to absorb urine,” another user wrote. “Maybe next time use his side of the bed if he doesn’t want you to use the litter box.” 

It is also important to note that the woman did not leave her urine sitting in the litter box after she used it. She not only scooped it out, but cleaned out the box entirely and replenished it with fresh litter. Had she really been “gross” she would have left it exactly where it was so that the cats could walk all over it. 


Instead of berating her for something she had no control over, the woman's boyfriend could have been more empathetic toward her, or even had a laugh about the unfortunate situation. 

We all have found ourselves in desperate situations before, and when you gotta go, you gotta go! 

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