Why The Guys You Like Don't Like You

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One of the great mysteries of the world for many women is why the guys they like don't like them back.

It would be statistically impossible for it to be true that every time you liked someone, they didn't like you. So, what's going on here? Why does it feel like that?

I've found that the answer typically lies in reasons related to the energy women are giving the men they're interested in.

Why don't the guys I like like me?

The most common reason the guys a woman likes don't like her In return is that she is giving off more masculine than feminine energy.

Everyone possesses both male and female energy. Although most men are primarily guided by male energy and most women are primarily guided by female energy, the energy you possess really has nothing to do with gender.

Male energy is about doing, thinking and giving, whereas feminine energy is about being, feeling and receiving.

And just as you feel good when you feel feminine, men feel good when they feel masculine.

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By now, most women know the the advice that they should let the man they like be the pursuer and wait for him to them out.

However, things often start to get skewed when a woman realizes she really likes a man him. At that point, it’s harder to stay in your female energy — which is all about being patient and receptive.

This is when women start coming from their masculine energy, doing things like calling him instead of waiting for him to call, trying too hard to impress him, and asking a lot of questions including, “Where is this going."

The masculine-feminine energy balance then starts to shift. This becomes a vicious circle, where as women start using more masculine energy, men become more feminine energy.

That means he will be less likely to call, ask you out, take an interest in your life, want to please you, etc.

This is usually when the problems begin.

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With a guy you’re not interested in, on the other hand, it’s easier to stay in your feminine energy because you don’t care.

You don’t call if you don’t hear from him, you don’t ask where things are going, and you don’t try to impress him. In turn, the man stays in his masculine energy where he feels good and he remains interested.

Remember that everyone's energy is inherently tied to their instincts.

Masculine energy-led men can only fall in love when they give, not receive.

These days, women are often coming from either masculine or mixed energy. This leads to men not being able to feel masculine and thus not being interested.

By staying in your feminine energy, men will stay in their masculine energy and the balance will be restored.

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Lucia is a dating and relationship expert and the author of "Lucia's Lessons of Love." She has been featured on radio and TV Shows as an expert, including Dr. Phil, The CBS Early Show, and Good Day LA.